Smart ladies love dumb TV, first cancelled fall show


Or, I have come here in defeat

Katie won. She picked Made in Jersey as the first cancelled show of the fall 2012 TV season. Confirmed, cancelled after two episodes. Despite the fact that the show aired on Fridays, it still had better ratings than Parks & Rec (what is wrong with you, America??), which was not good enough for CBS.

How could CBS hurt these people?

My pick was Animal Practice but I did suggest I wanted to change it to Guys With Kids, which is, by the way, still on the air despite terrible reviews and press.

Both shows are doing worse in the ratings than THE NEIGHBORS, a show with a bad premise that was so poorly reviewed I didn’t even check it out. Even a recap episode of season one of Revenge beat them in the ratings. I hope they are cancelled soon so NBC has a place for Community.

So Katie, you win and I lose. Savor those words now because I will kill you in our Oscar pool with my amazing knowledge of technical awards.

Made in Jersey photo from CBS’ website, Guys with Kids from here because NBC sucks and I can’t save their photos.

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