Smart ladies love to hate Adam Levine


Adam Levine SNL promo

I know that NBC likes to cross-promote (Jack Donaghy would say “synergy”), but of all the coaches on The Voice, Adam Levine is the weirdest choice to host Saturday Night Live. He comes across more bitchy than funny on the show–honestly, Blake Shelton would be a better host but I’m sure he’s busy making out with Miranda Lambert.

Adam Levine feminist

Once, Adam Levine wore a “FEMINIST” tee shirt during a performance and that really endeared him to me. But then I realized he was probably wearing it to impress a girl because he is not capable of intelligent critical thought. Here are some reasons why I hate this douche.

1. Maroon 5

It’s like, so close to “Fix You” without actually being “Fix You.”

2. Poseur tattoos

Adam Levine tattoos

I feel like someone with all these tattoos and an interest in music should be in a band that sounds less like Maroon 5 and more like a band that writes their own songs (pick one). He pretends to be the “alternative” one on The Voice, when CeeLo is the one with the weird personality who is actually making alternative music and Blake gives his contestants the freedom to make their own choices.

3. He is a total asshole.

Adam Levine guns

He wasn’t terrible in this digital short but it didn’t make me like him more.

It is really easy to find interviews online where Levine comes off as a smug, entitled prick. How about this one, where he says he wanted to get rich so he doesn’t have to do chores? Or when he talked shit about the Roxy on The Voice because once Maroon 5 wasn’t given a dressing room ten years ago and he blames the club? He misplaces anger about society and reality TV and blames the people of Honey Boo Boo for the decline of western civilization. More shockers: he stays in the band to get girls and his preferred form of birth control is the pull out method! WHAT A WINNER, LADIES.

4. He makes poor acting choices.

Adam Levin AHS

Didn’t we learn anything from Glee? Why do people continue to hitch their wagons to Ryan Murphy, who fails us time and time again? Levine was on season 2 of American Horror Story but SPOILER he dies a brutal death (well, apparently, since I don’t watch this shit). If he really wanted people to like him (and for synergy!), he should have guested on Community. I guess that’s why he’s doing SNL!

5. Maroon 5 again



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  2. I would assume “smart ladies” have better things to do than trash talk a man they have never met. Newsflash the Adam Levine the world knows is a brand sold to the fans not the actual person. Also She Will be Loved was released before Fix You so try again (smart girls also check their facts). Adam Levine also does not need your permission to get tattoos, it is his body not yours and you really should grow up and quit being jealous of someone who is a 100 times more successful than you will ever be.

    • Dear Taylor,

      First thank you for correcting any mistake we made, we alas like everyone else are not perfect.

      Second not all smart ladies like all the same things nor do we have to. It’s okay for you to love Adam Levine while Melissa hates him and I’m indifferent (though my mom considers him her rock star boyfriend).

      As always we thank you sincerely for reading the blog and most of all for commenting (though I can tell you with absolute sincerity that neither Melissa and I are jealous of Adam Levine, well maybe all his bags of cash but I wouldn’t want his life.) 🙂

      Katie 🙂

    • Amen.
      I hate when people like so called smart girls
      Judge someone so
      Successful and amazing like him. And like you said the fact that they didn’t check their facts
      Annoyed me. So before you go talkin shit about someone you don’t know then maybe you should think before u speak… But Taylor u said jt 40000 times better than I just did

  3. Adam is a total douche and drives me nuts with his nasaly annoying voice. Terrible most annoying songs in the world. Terrible personality. His tatoos arent believable….he just downright sucks. Great article Im glad someone despises him as much as I do.

  4. My goodness! This is complete and total trash. Adam Levine(in my opinion) Is funny and very likeable. I love all of Maroon 5s songs, and believe that he could successfully be an actor. Now I say this with all respect to your opinion but who are you to say trash about adam levine, and are you calling anyone who likes adam levine dumb? Please from now on don’t write your opinion, write the majority of women’s opinion

    • Thanks for your reply! I am sorry you didn’t like the post; however, this blog is representative of the opinions of me and Katie, not the majority of women, as we write and contribute to it. Counterpoint submission posts are always welcome–you can send them to


      • Sorry that my reply was not very respectful to yours it was late at night and I was frustrated. To clarify, I respect all of your opinions and would definitely write mine different if I could. If you do not like adam levine who am I to call your opinions trash. Please forgive me and ignore my past opinion

  5. Are you kidding me?! Adam is so fabulous ok!!! If you don’t him that’s great, but please keep that stuff to your self!! No one is perfect and personally I think his voice is spectacular! Maroon 5 is one of the biggest bands of today,and it’s not easy to achieve that. So I personally wouldn’t go around and diss Adam like that! He also has a great sense of humor,and while at times it may come off as arrogant, in the end of you pay attention in the least, you know he’s never really meaning it. P.S She Will Be Loved is the Best song ever so stop dissing him. Plus, he’s hot.

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