Smart ladies love to hate binge-watching TV shows

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Mindy TV

Spreading the word about my hatred of this new way of watching TV shows is my own personal mission. Binge-watching became popular with the arrival of the TV box sets and then Amazon/Netflix streaming, where you can watching several seasons of a show without getting up to change the DVD.

Now, I know I sound old when I complain about binge-watching as a phenomenon, but I’m not alone. The AV Club posted about it earlier in the year. And this College Humor infographic is fantastic.

Sometimes on here I say I marathoned a show, which really means I watched 2-3 episodes a day for a week. I can’t watch more than that. I just can’t. My eyes glaze over and I begin to drool.

What the hell is wrong with me? I have some ideas.

1. There is too much TV

Tv shows

Right now, I’m in the middle of Breaking Bad, The Tudors, Orange is the New Black (I’m saving the last two), Orphan Black, Top of the Lake, and not to mention Cheers and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I watch when I’m sad. Plus there are rewatches of season three of Game of Thrones and The IT Crowd currently in progress. I still haven’t seen most HBO shows and I’m behind on a lot of current shows I enjoy, like The Good Wife and Scandal. If I spent the next five days watching BB I might be able to finish it but then I would forget what is happening on Top of the Lake (it is a little slow) and miss Sarah/Beth and Felix from Orphan Black. I also wouldn’t have time to hate-watch Big Brother (I miss Judd already). I guess I prefer being a TV slut to having one intense TV boyfriend that lasts one weekend like Patrick Wilson in that one episode of Girls.

2. Hard to avoid spoilers

Jesse BB gif 7

I have had to read the SLLS tumblr dashboard for two days through my fingers due to the sheer volume of Breaking Bad spoiling gifs. I’ve noticed this is also a problem with Community and Parks and Rec, though I stay current with both of those shows, and things I don’t watch, like Supernatural and True Blood (Katie finds her gifs on tumblr within hours of the show’s east coast airing). The Breaking Bad gifs were not even from fan sites–instead, major TV recap site TV Without Pity was one of the biggest offenders. It’s my fault I’m not caught up–had I watched the show from the beginning like a normal person I wouldn’t be in this situation.

3. Annoying people on social media

OITNB whiner

OITNB whiner 7

OITNB whiner 8

OITNB whiner 2

OITNB whiner 1

OITNB whiner 3

I am aware of new model that Netflix has created with their original programming. Unfortunately, it leads to super annoying people on tumblr saying, why isn’t there another season of OITNB? WAHHHHHHH. It has to be filmed first, assholes. Also, when Fringe ended, several of my friends decided to start watching it on Netflix for the first time and posted about it on Facebook. I was like, where were you for the past five years? We might have been able to keep this show on the air! I wanted to punch all of them.

Not to mention the NO SPOILERS people. The Lost finale aired in 2010, if you’re not caught up you should fucking leave the Internet.

4. Being a part of a show’s zeitgeist

Lost Numbers

I loved reading along with the crazy Lost theories about the last season when I finally caught up. It was so fun to be a part of this online community, with its conspiracy theories and predictions. I really want to finish Breaking Bad so I can participate in the discussion of the last few episodes too. Following along afterwards is fine but it’s easy to read ahead and if you do want to say something no one will respond.

5. Everything that happens in this Portlandia skit.