Smart ladies love to hate, blonde actress edition


I used to have a co-worker who told me “don’t hate Kate.  Hate is a strong word” and yet I do hate Claire Danes I just can’t help myself (Fun Fact: we were accused of being “haters” just yesterday. So, YAY for self-actualization!).  Is it a rational hatred? Nope, absolutely not but it’s there and I can’t help it.  Melissa and I actually have a lot of irrational hate towards LOTS of different actors (M has an entire list) so this post is only dealing with blonde actresses of a certain age (two of the women I will mention I only refer to by nicknames given to them by the fug girls).

Blonde Actresses We/I* Irrationally Hate

* Melissa can comment on whether or not she agrees with me on these.

Claire Danes

Danes is the best actress on this list in fact her acting ability makes me hate her more.  “Stop being such a good actress, Claire!” I haven’t even been able to watch Homeland and I love me some Mandy Patinkin (huge Chicago Hope fan) and Damian Lewis (SOAMES, The Forsythe Saga was the Downton Abbey of the early aughts).  She is also married to Hugh Dancy (I love Hugh Dancy he is British and was in Ella Enchanted).  Hugh Dancy would never marry a horrible person.   However, he did marry a home-wrecker.  To be honest though, I didn’t really like Claire in My So Called Life so by the time she screwed Billy Crudup while they were in a play together as Mary-Louise Parker was gestating his child, just put the final nail in my Claire Danes hate coffin.

[I have had Homeland in my queue to watch for months and I just can’t bring myself to do it. I hate Claire mostly for Romeo + Juliet. I saw it on HBO the other day and it was even worse than I remember. It’s just wrong. – M]

Scarlett Johansson (ScarJo)

My hatred for ScarJo runs deep and runs long, how long well like The Horse Whisperer long (yes I have seen The Horse Whisperer like a million times, I secretly want to live in Montana, Kristen Scott Thomas is an amazing actress, I don’t have to defend myself to you…).  The problem with ScarJo (also I know she hates this nickname but I don’t care, if you haven’t noticed already I am from a long line of proud assholes) is that she under acts or rather just goes blank when she needs to convey emotion.  It’s why people were like she is phenomenal in The Girl with the Pearl Earring because she suffers her love with stoicism or more likely blankness.  ScarJo = Blank.  I will give her props for The Avengers, she totally kicked ass  (see, I’m not entirely unfeeling).

[I am indifferent to ScarJo. I really can’t care either way; it’s like her blank acting. I did love Ghost World. Meh. -M]

Kate Bosworth

I had forgotten about Kate Bosworth until I looked up The Horse Whisperer on Wikipedia (Fun Fact: Kate Bosworth is ScarJo’s friend who dies in the beginning of The Horse Whisperer).  Thank you Wikipedia for reminding me about Kate Bosworth! Seeing as I often forget she exists I would say my hatred for her is more akin to apathy. I don’t enjoy her in movies and I forget she is alive until somebody comments on her fashion sense which always reminds me of the fact that in Blue Crush she was skinny but healthy and now she looks like she would blow away with a strong gust of wind.  Dear Kate eat something and then I might remember you exist.

[K really kates that Jil Sander teal skirt + white tee combo Kate wore a few years ago. Like, she always brings it up. I don’t care about Kate Bosworth either, I haven’t even seen Blue Crush. -M]

Boobs Legsly (Blake Lively)

This is Ryan Reynolds current girlfriend, ScarJo is Ryan Reynolds first wife; this whole post could be subtitled “Ryan Reynolds has crap taste in women.”  Ryan, we all want you to date Sandra Bullock and we the masses always get what we want so just do it already! Come on Sandy is adorable and she dated Gosling (until you date Sandy, you will always be the inferior Canadian Ryan).  I have nothing to say about Boobs, other than she sometimes dresses like a whore and she isn’t half the actress as Leighton Meester.  Sadly I’m still mulling over the union of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds to care about Boobs. STOP TAUNTING US WITH YOUR CHRISTMAS HIKES!!!

[Boobs Legsly is my mortal enemy. She ruined The Town. What was that Boston accent? Clearly Amy Adams should have had her role. Serena is also THE WORST Gossip Girl character who has terrible storylines. I’m obsessed with Leighton Meester so Boobs has always been the inferior CW ingenue. -M]

Drunkface McCord

I think her name is either Anna Leigh or Anna Lynn but I don’t care enough to look it up on Wikipedia (man I am so lazy; also still sad about Ryan and Sandy).  Drunkface is on 90210, I watched the first 3 episodes of this show when it first came out and remember her as the blond bitch (that’s how they wrote her–I’m not saying she is a bitch).  According to Melissa, she is the best thing on the show–I’m guessing they killed off Jessica Walters.  My hatred of her seriously has to do with her clothing choices and the fact that she always poses for photos looking wasted.  Have you been in anything other than 90210?  Do you do stuff other than look wasted on red-carpets? Who are you Anna Who?

[Woah, she totally has crazy picture disease. I have only watched about ten episodes of 90210 and when Naomi is not in it, the show is super snoozy. After 90210 she will fade into CW oblivion–but she can’t take Leighton or Sophia Bush with her! -M]

Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White BONUS video!!!


  1. Oh, Claire Danes. I admit. I did like her when I was 12. But I also liked Peace symbol necklaces back then, so… well..

    It’s amazing that someone has made millions of dollars by making a face that look like they may have either just stubbed their toe or smelled someone pass gas. (Maybe even both if its a REALLY dramatic role.)

    • She DOES have that “I’ve smelled something bad” thing going on! Maybe it’s the medication on her eyelashes?
      I will give her stylist props, though, because she always looks amazing. See I said something nice!

      • Haha, you’re right Melissa –it must be the medication. God those commercials made me feel old. TOO SOON, pharmaceutical companies! I’m not ready to be pandered to! And good job on the nice comment. I’ll try. UMMM………….. it was very nice of her to take money to help those people whose eyelashes are too short. It’s a huge medical problem, you know. God knows what could fly into your eye if your lashes aren’t long enough. Birds, jet planes. Also how are you supposed to get a man with nothing to bat at him?!

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  5. Claire Danes is literally one of the best actresses today. Like… the home wrecking thing can’t be a reason to hate. Kristen Stewart gets all this love even though she cheated on that sparkly loser with a director.

    • I didn’t write this post, but sometimes we have feelings about someone that we can’t shake. Like, even though Willem Defoe is a great actor, I find him creepy as hell and I avoid him as much as possible. I have a friend who HATES Lupita because she thinks she brags about going to Yale. Personally, I am warming up to Claire thanks to her fashion and personality on the red carpet (I don’t have Showtime, sadface).
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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