Smart ladies love to hate Matt Lauer


I vowed during our pop-culture resolution post to hate more men and less women–this is good for Olivia Munn and BAD for Matt Lauer.  We’ve been waiting for Lauer to get sacked but unfortunately NBC would rather stoke the flames of late night TV wars (in which they are winning) instead of dealing with the most hated dude in morning TV (seriously you can not hate Charlie Rose or George Stephanopoulos) while their ratings plummet (it’s hard not to feel bad for NBC).

The Today Show -1988

I watched the Today Show when I was a kid because of my undying devotion to Jane Pauley!

For your reading pleasure here is a slightly comprehensive look at Matt Lauer’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad season of TV.

Sad Matt Lauer

Before the whole Ann Curry fiasco last year, Matt Lauer signed a deal to make $25 million dollars annually as host of the Today Show –THE FUCK! I haven’t liked Lauer since he took over for Bryant Gumble in 1997, so to actually see his salary in print makes me want to run out in the streets declaring that hell has frozen over. Also people actually liked Lauer so much that NBC thought that $25 million was a worthy compensation for his job to sit on a couch 5 days a week being a DOUCHE BAG to EVERYONE he comes into contact with.

Even though Lauer signed the long-term $25 million contract (every time I type it I have to hit my head on my keyboard, I might have a concussion when this piece is over) when the Ann Curry firing further damaged the ratings of the formerly mighty Today, NBC approached  Ryan Seacrest (don’t you dare leave Idol), current Today co-host Willie Geist, Meet The Press host David Gregory and most awesome of all, Anderson Cooper (silver-fox). Unfortunately, I learned while researching this particular piece was that though Lauer might get the sack from Today, he is being considered to replace Alex Trebek on Jeopardy –NOT COOL! [DAVID GREGORY OR LESTER HOLT FTW! -M]

Like Me Matt Lauer

Jeopardy AND $25 million, how is Matt Lauer likable? Like I really want to know. Lauer to me has always come off as a frat boy bully, interested in teasing his coworkers but easily wounded when they tease him back case in point this lovely video from the Olympics in London (also he is an ignorant racist).

My favorite part is Meredith Vieira teasing him about how his popularity has fallen since she left. Recently Lauer teased his current co-host Savannah Guthrie about her inability to clean or rather never having operated a vacuum cleaner, Guthrie defended herself and then either pointed at Lauer in her fury OR flipped him the bird, you make the call!

Suck It Matt Lauer

Though Lauer’s glib doucheyness is great when he is interviewing assholes like Chris Brown and Tom Cruise and it would appear that he does have some sense of humor —recently stating that Polio is more popular– it also seems like he is ALWAYS a glib douche. Even though Lauer is an asshole who is occasionally racist, I will give him props for the below video.

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