Smart ladies love to hate things, boy band hair


Or, cut your hair Harry Styles, cut it now!!!


Harry Styles’ hair makes me feel old or more specifically it makes me feel like the cat lady screaming at kids to “get off my lawn” except I am screaming “cut your fucking hair kid you look like an idiot”.  He  isn’t the first boy to have this ridiculous swoopped hair that moves but doesn’t move.  At one point I regarded Zac Efron with “he would be hot if he cut his fucking hair”.

And don’t even get me started on the mesmerizing hair the Biebs used to have it didn’t move at all when he danced and it didn’t look like it had hair spray in it.  I picture this exchange went on between him and Selena Gomez.

“Selena, you’re a really hot girl, smart and an adorable actor.” – Biebs (in my head the Biebs is a sweet kid, polite and a feminist… I mean, he is Canadian after all)

“I’m never going to date you until you cut your fucking hair.  You look like an idiot.” -Selena

I also think Zac wanted to sleep with someone other than Vanessa Hudgens so he cut his fucking hair. That Vanessa seems like the kind of gal who would like a hair swooper.

I now present to you, loyal readers a crude info-graphic I have made titled “Dumb Hair, Douche Hair, and Hot Hair”, ENJOY!!!


  1. I kind of love that you didn’t even have to go back to old school boy bands (I can think of at least three that had dreadlocks). I am disappointed, though, that Bradford Badboy Zayn Malik’s new badger quiff didn’t make the “dumb hair” cut.

    • I was going to do a comparison between Zayn and Siva since there hair is scarily alike but didn’t have the room. I could have just used pics of Zac Efron his hair has been so bad!!!

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  3. Fuck you guys stfu it’s basses hair yu ratchets

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