Smart ladies love awards shows, Golden Globe nominee reactions


AKA I don’t know what they were thinking a lot of the time…

There is some confusing shit happening with these nominations (Smash really, I could see Megan Hilty cause she is amazing but the show, that’s just fucked).  So come with us smart ladies as we take you through the morning and our first reactions.

The morning that was…

Melissa: I couldn’t get a livestream working this morning, which was so frustrating so I got nominees in bits and pieces on Twitter and sites that updated too slow. Why isn’t there a site that can post this shit in real time? It was a crappy morning.

Katie:  I was running late for work so I got a few things from Melissa in text form…man we are so excited about Connie Britton.  I read through the awards on Deadline though whomever does there website should be fired it’s like they completely gave up formatting halfway through.  I understand that you might have been putting that stuff up live but I was looking at it an hour after the nominees were announced that should have been fixed (man I am really angry about Mad Men getting snubbed and Smash getting a nomination I might be taking it out on Deadline OR the fact that they gave up made it really hard to read the nominees, either way I’m now sorry for the rant.).  Deadlines site is now updated and pretty, the bastards!  

Our thoughts on TV, as usual we care DEEPLY about TV and are both still recovering from the Elisabeth Moss snub…she is SLLS’ spirit animal!

Best Drama Series

Mad Men Season 5


Melissa: Count me in with the people pissed that The Newsroom (sexist, slow-moving, hate the way it’s framed around big events) got a nom and not Mad Men. I plan to talk about my love of season 5 of MM a lot on this blog in the next month so I will stop.

Katie: No fucking Mad Men what the fuck is that about and THE NEWSROOM man I’m like the only person I know who enjoyed that show and I didn’t even watch the last half of the first season [it didn’t get better. -M].  Also why is Boardwalk Empire a thing [Steve Buscemi is a badass! -M], Treme is a MUCH better show and if I start talking about Game of Thrones I might fucking throw something and I’m at work so that would be bad but WHAT THE FUCK!

Lead Actress in a Drama

Elisabeth Moss Mad Men


Melissa: My first thought: HOLY SHIT WE WERE RIGHT ABOUT CONNIE BRITTON. My second thought: WHERE THE FUCK IS ELISABETH MOSS? I’m cool with the other ladies but I hate Glenn Close with a passion. That’s just a personal thing. She might be good on Damages.

Katie: Connie Britton man we are so fucking smart!  No Elisabeth Moss poor sad Mad Men what happened HFPA.  Glenn Close?!? I didn’t even know Damages was still on I thought last year was it’s last season.  I am continually confused by each groups eligibility period.  But fuck yeah Lady Mary!!!

Lead Actor in a Drama

Katie: BORING…though good job Jon Hamm.

Best Comedy Series

Melissa: Smash is on a level with Glee for shittiness. Parks & Rec is far superior to any of the other nominees. I quit. I think they are rewarding the musical aspect of it and how hard it is to maintain that part of a show.

Katie: UMMMMM…SMASH…I have no words other than swears…Also the New Girl is funnier than The Big Bang Theory, just saying.

Lead Actress in a Comedy

Katie: I am profoundly okay with this category.  Good Job HFPA but you and I are still gonna have words over Smash?!?

Lead Actor in a Comedy

Don Cheadle as Captain Planet

I’m sorry that I can’t think of Don Cheadle without thinking about him as Captain Planet…

Katie: CHEADLE I do not watch House of Lies but I LOVE the CHEADLE.

Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series (comedy, drama, and/or movie)

Just a little slice of heaven in Justified form...

Just a little slice of heaven in Justified form…

Melissa: These are always so weird but Max Greenfield was included so I’m pleased. And Mandy Patinkin. I love his hot old man beard.

Katie: Jake Johnson and Walton Goggins were robbed.  I am however very happy for Mandy Patinkin.

Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series (comedy, drama, and/or movie)

Melissa: This is even weirder! Hayden Panettiere? I like her just fine on Nashville but she is not better than, say, Aubrey Plaza. Yay for SLLS favorite Sarah Paulson, for a show we are too scared to watch!

Katie: Good job Hayden Panettiere I can honestly say Nashville wouldn’t be as fun without your constant sneer.  Maggie Smith though is the BOSS.

Best Miniseries/Movie

Man I heart me some Ben Winshaw...RAWR! -K

Man I heart me some Ben Winshaw…RAWR! -K

Melissa: I don’t care about this category generally but the inclusion of the wonderful UK series The Hour is one of the best things about these nominations. WATCH. IT. ps The Girl is terrible. Don’t watch that. Also weird that American Horror Story:Asylum is not here, especially with J. Lange’s nom.

Katie:  This was too hard to read on Deadline and I NEED to watch season two of The Hour but am waiting until I can watch it all at once because it’s better that way (so hurry up and air them all BBC America).

General comments about the Movie nominations

ummm we haven’t seen most of these but here are our thoughts…

DEADWOOD: John Hawkes. photo: John P. Johnson

Deadwood was full of hotties.

Melissa: I am pretty ok with most of these, except I really think Channing Tatum was amazing in 21 Jump Street and should have a nomination. Also happy that Joaquin was not snubbed as he was in the SAGs. I also have a thing for John Hawkes & I’m excited I get to see him in a suit. That’s always nice.

That’s a lie. I think The Master was totally overlooked in the best drama and best director categories. I still love you, PT Anderson. Me and Maya Rudolph.

Best Screenplay Motion Picture

Django Unchained_png_250x400_q85

Melissa: The Globes don’t split adapted from original, so there are fewer spaces. Still, I am thrilled to see Django Unchained here, which I haven’t even seen, but I know it’s amazing.

Lead Actor in a Comedy

Katie: YAY Ewan McGregor for Salmon Fishing in Yemen (I loved that movie) but booooo NO Channing Tatum for Magic Mike OR 21 Jumpstreet…FOOOLSS!!!

Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture

Katie: This is the second time in two days Nicole Kidman was nominated for peeing on Zac Efron I think the Oscar pundits need to take her seriously plus imagine how much fun it will be seeing her on the red carpet talking about peeing on Zac Efron.

Melissa: Can Amy Adams please win something? I have been waiting since Junebug. She needs all the awards.

Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture


Melissa: Ok, I kind of think Leonardo DiCaprio is a bad actor. You know who is awesome? JAMES SPADER IN LINCOLN. Just an idea for the future, Academy Awards. [ahhhhh…I forgot about Spader he was so amazing in Lincoln! -K]

Best Original Song

Man I am just dropping gifts for you all over the place...

Man I am just dropping gifts for you all over the place…

Katie: Adele is AMAZING and that song is great plus Daniel Craig is hot (just saying).

Stoked about

Melissa: Louis CK, the Cheadle, Benedict Cumberbatch, all of the Best Actress in a Comedy Series noms (really, who can argue with Amy, Tina, and Zooey? NO ONE!), going to see Zero Dark Thirty and Django when they open in Richmond.

Katie:  More Cumberbatch loves means more people might watch Sherlock.



Melissa: NO Game of Thrones anywhere? This one hurts a lot, HFPA. Maybe genre shows get one season and then they are tossed at sea like Fringe.

Katie:  With all of the Mad Men snubs and just the lack of awareness (NBC fired the Smash showrunner cause of the terribleness of that show AND every critic, EVERY critic, had issues with The Newsroom) I’m sadly more excited to see what Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway are going to wear [ME TOO! And Amy Adams. -M].  And lastly but most importantly out of all the acting nominations I could only find three people of color: to wit, WHAT THE FUCK HFPA!

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