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AKA what is up with all the old white dudes — I typed this the night before the announcement that’s how much of a foregone conclusion it was…

It has to be a movie where there are TONS of white dudes...OLD WHITE DUDES!!!

It has to be a movie where there are TONS of white dudes…OLD WHITE DUDES!!!

Melissa’s first reactions

First, the nominations were read by Seth McFarlane, this year’s host, and Emma Stone. There was banter! This was smart, as it got viewers excited for both Seth’s hosting job and Emma’s next film role (Gangster Squad). It was really cute! Emma is such a natural at this stuff.

Best picture– Excited for Amour, which I will probably see now, and Beasts of the Southern Wild, which I still won’t see, but I like when little indie movies are recognized.

Best director– Like everyone else, I am shocked Ben Affleck is out and Michael Haneke & Benh Zeitlin are in. I guess I’m not as surprised about Haneke, because he’s one of those European auteurs everyone loves, as I am about Affleck. And Kathryn Bigelow not being nominated is sad, but particularly now for Zero Dark Thirty’s chances of winning, as the last time a movie won best picture without a best director nominee was Driving Miss Daisy over 20 years ago. Things are looking up for Lincoln, Silver Linings and Amour (Beasts is very long shot). Good news: Les Mis probably won’t win!

Searching for a Sugar Man poster

Documentary– NO Queen of Versailles, the crowd pleaser! Happy for Searching for a Sugar Man, which I have yet to see (it played here for a week and I missed it), but I loooooove Rodriguez!

Acting nominees-– No real surprises here. It was fantastic when Emma was reading the names of Best Supporting Actor and said “he’s won already”  after she read each name.  My favorite Jack Black, as expected, did not make it in! However, congrats to Jacki Weaver and Quvenzhane Wallis! Good calls, Academy. That girl from Beasts was on CBS Sunday Morning this week and she was so precious and I’m so stoked for her. I am now backing all nominees from The Master, officially.


Other omissions– The Master should have gotten a cinematography award; it looked like a photograph with its depth of field and beautiful color. NO JOHN HAWKES. The hotness factor is surely missing from this list of nominees [seriously so many old dudes]. I blame Denzel for his drunk pilot movie and Bradley Cooper being a  charming douche during interviews for taking his slot.

WEIRD– WTF is Chasing Ice and why did it get a Best Original Song nomination? [Without looking it up, I am willing to bet it’s about some sort of winter sport.] At least Act of Valor was left out here.

Daniel Day Lewis Berlin film festival

I know this is from a film festival but it shows how weird DDL is. He generally wears tuxes when he needs to but I would like him to remember this outfit and let it inspire him.

Fashion– Naomi Watts, Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence better BRING IT. God love her, but Jacki Weaver will be wearing some old lady robe; Emannuelle Riva was born in 1927; one nominee is a child; and Sally Field and Helen Hunt dress a little matronly for me. All the male acting nominees will be boring and safe so I will not even mention them except Daniel Day Lewis, who I hope wears plaid.

All in all, this list was not full of weird choices, there were few surprises. I think the quality of movies this year was fairly high, which is reflected in the nominees.

Katie’s first reactions

Melissa made hers pretty and organized and I made mine as I read the nominees so much for the art degree. 😉

I got all the Best Picture contenders right but ONE…should have swapped out The Sessions for Amour.  87% accuracy NOT BAD!!!


I feel so bad for John Hawkes and he has been a lock this entire season.  Joaquin doesn’t even WANT IT!!! BRADLEY COOPER why?!? 80% accuracy with my predictions.

NO Marion Cotillard (I’m so saddened we won’t see her Oscar dress).  I’m thinking the Oscars wanted to make history both the youngest and oldest nominees ever in this category.  Whompwhomp 60% accuracy in this category.

Lets hear it for Beasts of the Southern Wild though for being an extremely small film with people who had never professionally acted being such a huge award nominee…this is good for those of us who like small weird films (not that I have seen this one it looks sad and depressing)!!!


I knew Javier was a long shot so I’m pretty pleased that my accuracy was a 80% though he would have made this category more fun now it’s just as boring as before.

WHAT the WHAT, Jacki Weaver she wasn’t even on the my radar and I researched this shit.  Thankfully she snuffed out Nicole Kidman and NOT Amy Adams (I’m so so disappointed we won’t see Nicole OR Marion NOW!!!).  80% accuracy!!!

Director I was the most confident about and man was I wrong, NO Ben Affleck, Katheryn Bigelow or Tom Hooper…WTF!!!  No smug happy dance here, more confused looks of what the what happened and go Beast of the Southern Wild!!!  I’m assuming since the DGAs were just recently announced and the nominees for Oscars being early now that the guilds will have less and less say in nominations. A sad and pathetic 40% accuracy in this race.

Thank god Life of Pi was nominated for Cinematography cause that would have been fucked up if it hadn’t been.

Go Brave and Wreck it Ralph!!!

Both Snow White movies were nominated for costumes (Mirror Mirror was a much better movie and it’s on Netflix so go watch it now!)


How to Survive the Plague is my favorite documentary title — I’m assuming it’s about zombies, RIGHT?!?

Life of Pi was nominated for editing, score, production design, the other sound awards, adapted screenplay, and most importantly visual effects.  It has to go against the sci-fi/fantasy/comic book movies but it deserves to win these.

I have seen every movie in the Visual Effects category…LIFE OF PI FTW!!!  Also when did I go from being a nerd to a giant NERD!!!

Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars were not nominated for the song they did in The Hunger Games.  I’m sad for The Civil Wars but happy TayTay won’t win an Oscar this soon.

Adam and Dog and Buzkashi Boys are my favorite short film titles.


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