Smart ladies love awards shows, The Oscars 2013 who we want to win


Best Picture

SLLS_Best Film Picks Lincoln and Argo

Melissa: The Master. Oh, you say it wasn’t nominated? FUCK YOU. Lincoln, then.

Katie: I’m going with Argo it was my favorite out of the three films I saw.


SLLS_Best Director Picks

Melissa: I would LOVE to see young Benh Zeitlin win for Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Katie: Ben Affleck. Okay, okay Ang Li for Life of Pi.

Actor in a Leading Role


Melissa: Joaquin Phoenix in The Master was so brilliant and creepy.

Katie: Daniel Day-Lewis I loved him in Lincoln.

Actress in a Leading Role

 SLLS_Best Actress Picks Quvenzhané Wallis and Emmanuelle Riva

Melissa: If you don’t want Quvenzhané Wallis to win, you are a brute. Oh the puppy purses!

Katie: I want the old lady, Emmanuelle Riva OR Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss Everdeen 4EVA!

Actor in a Supporting Role


Melissa: All of these people have won and they completely bore me. Philip Seymour Hoffman for slightly outcreeping Joaquin.

Katie: Alan Arkin for all of the Argo fuck yourself jokes but I would have LOVED for John Goodman to have been nominated.

Actress in a Supporting Role


Melissa: I will never not pick Amy Adams. NEVER.

Katie: Amy Adams for Enchanted alone!

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Melissa: Tony Kushner for Lincoln because he made Lincoln seem like such a fun dude to invite to parties.

Katie: Tony Kushner because Lincoln was way funnier than I thought it was going to be and MOVING!

Writing (Original Screenplay)

SLLS_Best Original Screenplay Moonrise Kingdom

Melissa: Moonrise Kingdom needs to win something. Plus this should help convince voters.

Katie: Moonrise Kingdom might be my favorite film of 2012 and deserves an Oscar.

Animated Feature Film

SLLS_Best Animated Film Picks The Pirates! and Brave

Melissa: I still hate cartoons but I am going to pick Pirates! because everyone thinks it’s the least likely to win and I’m an asshole.

Katie: Brave or Wreck it Ralph deserve to and and one of them should win this.

Foreign Language Film

SLLS_Best Foreign Film Pick A Royal Affair

Melissa: A Royal Affair since it’s the only one I would actually watch.

Katie: I’m going to agree with Melissa plus I heart Mads Mikkelsen.

Documentary Feature

SLLS_Best Documentary Picks Searching for Sugar Man and How to Survive a Plague

Melissa: Reading the words Searching for a Sugar Man always makes me sing “Sugarman! Can you help me?” I just love Rodriguez.

Katie: There are only two of these documentaries I would watch: Searching for a Sugar Man and How to Survive a Plague, but because Melissa picked Sugarman and every time I read How to Survive a Plague it makes me think of Zombies (the actual film is about the gay community refuses to die quietly of AIDS and looks kind of AWESOME), I choose that.

Documentary Short Subject

Melissa: I watched all of the trailers! GO ME! My personal favorite was Redemption, about people collecting bottles & cans in New York City and trading them in for cash. The other ones made me cry.

Katie: I watched the trailer for Inocente and wanted to adopt the homeless artist it’s about.

Short Film (Live Action)

Melissa: Is Bukashi Boys really about Afghani goat polo? Why haven’t we seen it? That’s been an inside joke since college. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this movie.

Katie: After watching all the trailers I’m going with Curfew cause it looks like it might be slightly amusing, though I could also go with Bukashi Boys because it’s about Afgahani goat polo.

Short Film (Animated)

Melissa: I have only watched Paperman since Katie embedded it so I pick that! There are no talking animals.

Katie: Paperman is AMAZING and I have included it here so spend the next six and half minutes transfixed by its awesomeness!

Music (Original Score)

Melissa: I’m sticking with my Globes pick and going Life of Pi.

Katie: Wow I have seen 4 our of 5 of these um I’m going with Life of Pi.

Music (Original Song)

Melissa: I cannot pick against Adele.

Katie: Um Skyfall by Adele.


Melissa: I only pick Lincoln because it made my city look so pretty! When it comes to DVD I’m screencapping it for the blog every time I recognize someone or something from Richmond.

Katie: Life of Pi has this won in SPADES, prettiest movie I have ever seen.

Film Editing

Melissa: Usually goes to best picture, so I will say Lincoln since that was my pick (my prediction will be different, of course).

Katie: Argo deserves this as much as it deserves Best Director (I am actually getting more upset about the Affleck snub the closer we get to the Oscars).

Production Design

Melissa: I know a girl who worked on Lincoln in this department so clearly I have to choose that.

Katie: I’m going with Les Mis cause I am obsessed with the little documentaries I have seen regarding the artistry of this film.

Costume Design

SLLS_Best Costume Picks Anna Karenina and Mirror Mirror

Melissa: This award was MADE FOR Anna Karenina.

Katie: Mirror Mirror because this movie was so much better than I thought it was going to be and the costumes were amazing —seriously this movie was almost as good as Enchanted.

Makeup and hairstyling

SLLS_Best Hair and Makeup Picks The Hobbit and Les Mis

Melissa: Nothing good is nominated here. The Hobbit? I don’t care.

Katie: Les Mis again cause of the little making of docs I have seen (I think they were on HBO)

Visual Effects

Melissa: I just want The Avengers to win one thing.

Katie: Life of Pi for the whales alone. Also this is the only category that I have seen every film —self confessed NERD!

Sound Editing

SLLS_Best Sound Editing Picks Skyfall

Melissa: This usually goes to classic action or sci fi movies (Inception and Bourne Ultimatum), so I’m going to pick Skyfall unless Katie can convince me it will be Argo.

Katie: No it will be Skyfall, Skyfall was amazing and more of an action movie than Argo!

Sound Mixing

Melissa: This award tends to favor musicals so I pick Les Mis.

Katie: Les Mis, see Melissa’s answer above.


  1. Amy Adams for all the awards ever. Pretty much. I like Anne a great deal. But just…can we all just acknowledge that Amy Adams is a rare gem of natural talent please? And that her very presence in the new Superman film this summer as Lois Lane makes the movie 10 times better than it would have been without her?

    • Amy Adams is a shining light in the world of movies. I love her in everything and wish she would be showered with awards. I’m still sore about her losing for Junebug.
      I am really excited for her as Lois Lane! She will be less lost princess and more total badass.

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