Smart ladies love beer, NYE 2013 edition


What are you drinking New Year’s, New Year’s Eve?

What are your plans for New Year’s? My husband & I are going to drink and listen to music. We both got each other a ton of records for Christmas and then we spent too much at our local stores on December 26th, so we have so much to catch up on. We don’t drink a lot of cocktails or wine but we are craft beer aficionados.  I am even a founding member an all-female beer club in my fair city.

Usually on NYE I drink PBR so I can drink more and stay up late but since we’re having a chill evening in the record room, I can drink whatever I want and I don’t care if I fall asleep before the ball drops.

Here are some beers I plan to drink tonight.

Winter Warmer
Cold Mountain

This is my absolute favorite type of winter beer. It’s caramel-y and smooth, with spices and a bit of sweetness. I love Avery’s Old Jubilation and Anderson Valley Winter Solstice, as well as a few beers more local to my area: Starr Hill’s The Gift (technically a Helles Bock but has the same caramel flavor) and Highland Brewing’s Cold Mountain (extremely limited, but worth searching for if you live in the southeast).

Hardywood Gingerbread Stout
Hardywood Gingerbread

I am not into stouts at all. It’s too heavy and I don’t like when I can’t drink multiple beers. But this stout from my city is delicious, super high in alcohol content, and perfect for the season. It is very highly rated, and therefore hard to find, but if you can find something similar in your area, it’s an excellent choice for New Year’s Eve.

Bonus Rufus Wainwright:

What are going to drink tonight? Are you more of a beer or cocktail person?


  1. I’m most definitely a cocktail kind of girl…this New Year’s, since I was staying home sick, I made a pitcher of Winter Sangria for my fiance and me ( I rationalized it because the orange juice made it good for me, right? Ha.

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