Smart ladies love blogging, the funniest SLLS search terms


For your reading pleasure, I have gathered all of the funniest search terms that people use to find SLLS in one hilarious post. These searches go from January 1st of this year through now, and I hope to make this a twice-yearly feature.

Note: I spelled everything exactly how it was spelled in search. Sometimes I added [sic]. I kept all of the dirty search terms out of it, mostly because they are gross and not funny at all. And I love 70s baseball letters font so suck it.

Random Weird Crap

Benedict ST 5.14
Not even close. [This is what I am going to call him from now on! -K]

Justified ST 5.14I fucking love Constable Bob AND his go bag.


Big Brother ST 5.14

Absolutely. That is why I have quit watching it.

Ian BB

The Wanted ST 5.14
You are wrong and this is not an opinion Katie or I share so I don’t know how you landed on SLLS. [Brooke definitely never wrote about them being terrible so this is extremely weird. -K]

Sid the kid ST 5.14
I feel like this is somehow Olympics related. Is America mad they didn’t win? We are such sore losers. [I don’t know why Canada would hate Sidney Crosby he has won them two gold medals at the Olympics, maybe they hate him because he plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins instead of a Canadian team! Incidentally he was recruited by Pittsburgh’s favorite Canadian Mario Lemieux for more information on Sid the Kid check out his HDOTW post. -K]

Met Gala ST 5.14
If this also included the word “navy” I would have thought it was one of my searches.

Princess at Christmas 1 ST 5.14
There were so many searches for this movie. You can just put on Fa-la-la-la-Lifetime during November or December and land on one of hundreds of movies just like a Princess at Christmas. [Which we liveblogged for the good of mankind! -K]

Joanna Newsom ST 5.14
I don’t want to believe this is true, but sadly…


I think she is so talented and I’m obsessed with Andy Samberg right now so I don’t care WHAT she wears, to be honest. And there are few people I would actually say that about.

St. Vincent ST 5.2014
This is the only gross one I included because it’s just so fucking stupid that I wanted you all to read it. [It’s pretty weird and HILARIOUS as well as gross. -K]

Anarchy ST 5.14

I actually Googled this because I couldn’t believe it was “a thing.” How wrong I was. More cutely, RAGING BUNNIES at Society 6 is selling the best stuff with this logo on it:

Buns of anarchy

I won’t say no to a punk rock bunny tee shirt. EVER.

Guiliana Ryan ST 5.14I don’t know about these two, but I certainly hate Giuliana Rancic. Not that anyone asked. [She is the worst! -K]

Angela Lansbury ST 5.14Against my better judgement, I Googled this and found that it was a Family Guy thing (of course). I did find this:

Angela Lansbury I can has cheezburger

Askars ST 5.14Like we NEED another excuse to post this gif [it’s never not funny. -K]:



Yes, the Dudes of Game of Thrones are Hot

Got Rory Mccann ST 5.14

I am SHOCKED at how popular Rory McCann is. Not Jai Courtney popular, but he’s definitely been one of the top 20 searches on SLLS this year. And since y’all wanna see him shirtless:

Rory McCann shirtless

GoT Renly ST 5.14Someone is incredibly right AND ALSO my new best friend.

GoT Jorah ST 5.14ANOTHER new best friend! I hope you are the same person as the Renly fan.

GoT Jon Snow ST 5.14I don’t know if we included this gif in any of our other posts so I will include it here:

Jon snow ass

Also, does no one on the internet know how to spell Jon Snow?

GoT Ginger Beard ST 5.14

GoT Giantsbane ST 5.14

Almost as popular as The Hound is hardly-ever-seen wildling Tormund Giantsbane AKA Kristofer Hivju. This guy is totally foxy IRL so I get it. [GINGER BEARDS FTW! Also the Tormund Giantsbane gif we included in the GoT HDOTW post is the second most clicked on gif from that post just under the Kahl Drogo gif AKA in my not at all scientific research I would say women love ginger beards almost as much as they love shirtless beefcake! -K]

GoT Drogo ST 5.14We all do. [RAWR! -K]

Khal Drogo

American Idol

American Idol Alex ST 5.14There is no way Alex looks like this character:

Peter Pettigrew 3

So maybe he resembles the actor who plays Wormtail, Timothy Spall?

Alex vs Peter 2Hrrrrmmmm not so much.

American Idol MK ST 5.14See J Lo, when you compared MK to kd lang it confused people!

American Idol Dumb ST 5.14I am glad other people think this besides me, Katie and Michael Slezak. [SO FUCKING DUMB! -K]

American Idol Caled ST 5.14I am an old lady, but I wasn’t offended. I was more offended by this:

American Idol Top 8 Caleb

[Best gif ever! Okay not really but for Idol, yes this is the best Idol gif ever! -K]

Beauty and the Beast

Because our recaps of BATB are one of the most popular features on the blog, we get a myriad of searches for those posts every day.

BATB 1 ST 5.14Kristin Kreuk is so tiny and cute, how could she ever creep someone out?

BATB WTF ST 5.14I don’t even know what this means and it’s so convoluted that I love it. [I have know fucking clue what they are talking about and I recap BATB. -K]

BATB WTF 3 ST 5.14OK I don’t know about Gabe’s wife–perhaps Katie can enlighten us–but I LOVE this search. That was such a shitty match. [Gabe had a girlfriend I think her name was Jill and/or I just thought it was Jill and called her that because I am an asshole ANYWAY Jill vanished between seasons 1 and 2 never to be heard of or talked about again –poor Jill. -K]

BATB WTF 2 5.14I feel like this was a quote from the show. I love that all the Beasties find us!


The most popular Wahlburgers-related search was “Larry Houghton,” the Canadian real estate magnate featured on one episode of the show, and “Larry Houghton’s daughters,” because they look like models. But these were all funnier.

Wahlburgers divot ST 5.14If you have to ask, it’s probably not a good idea for you to eat it.

Wahlburgers 6 12

Wahlburgers golf clubs ST 5.14

There is NO WAY you will find the answer to this question on SLLS. Keep moving, friends.

Wahlbugers Alma ST 5.14

But she feeds them such delicious food like American Chop Suey! {loud gagging sound}

Wahlburgers Mark ST 5.14This is absolutely true. He comes off as an arrogant ass. I still love you, Marky Mark.

Mark Wahlberg Boogie Nights 5

Wahlburgers kids ST 5.14

People also really want to know where the dad is. He is dead.

Wahlburgers Kari ST 5.14


Wahlburgers 8

Wahlburgers Jenny 2 ST 5.14

Oh good LORD WHO CARESSSSSSS?????!!!!!

Search Paragraphs

Wordy ST 5.14Why in the world would you want to know this? Just go through the dude’s imdb list. And spell his goddamn name right. [HAH, this should be a new feature I add to HDOTW, blank has played # of gay characters. -K]

Oprah ST 5.14Oprah is a woman of grace and lots and lots of money–she would never let the world know she was pissed about her movie being shut out at the Oscars.


Margot Robbie ST 5.14Margot Robbie seems quite lovely, but I do not care enough about her to find out if this is true.

So Many Questions

Questions 2 ST 5.14

I am not sure why there was such a fascination with A Princess for Christmas, which we liveblogged here. I will say that Niall question was NOT a one-time search term. [Oh Niall! -K]

Questions 1 ST 5.14

Poor Munfarid. Everyone wanted to know where he went! [I WANT TO KNOW WHERE HE WENT! Even when they brought him back they never said when he was cut. -K]

Questions 3 ST 5.14The first question makes absolutely no sense to me but to the second one: I HAVE NO IDEA. He just is. We should all accept it.

Nine Ways to Misspell Lenny Kravitz

Lenny ST 5.14


[Seriously, people, Google Chrome will spell check for you! -K]

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