Smart ladies love cats


I figured you all might be so mad at me about my Community post that you would want to look at kitties!

A bunch of gifs


Gemma is my cat and obviously, she is the cutest cat there is.

Gemma napping

Sometimes she naps!

Gemma bitchface

I call this one “Bitcchhhhh pleeeeeease.”

Gemma tongue

I can’t even with the cuteness.

Gemma chair

She loves this chair even though it’s super uncomfortable for humans.

Gemma records

Gemma likes when we listen to records because she gets lots of lap time.

Julie Klausner Jezebel post I am obsessed with

I sing to Gemma constantly. I like “Gemma! Gemma! Gemma! Gemma and the Jets.” She’s also super into “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret. This Julie Klausner post has become a fave in my house and we reference it all the time.

Bonus Cat video “Sleepy Cats Song” by Tom Fletcher (McFly)


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