Smart ladies love Christmas Movies


It’s that time of year where you can watch rich people have gorgeously decorated trees and live in places where it’s ALWAYS a white Christmas.  Here in no particular order is a list of great Christmas movies to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Holiday Affair

I saw this movie about five years ago on TCM and fell in love.  It stars Robert Mitchum as a drifter salesman who dreams of moving to California to build boats and Janet Leigh as a single mother he sells a train to even though he suspects she is a comparative shopper (is this still a job because I want it) for a competitive department store.  I won’t spoil it but it’s a wonderful small movie that is sweet without being saccharine.


This movie is beyond stupid and YET it is amazing.  Will Farrell is an orphan who sneaks into Santa’s bag and is raise by Bob Newhart (an elf) at the North Pole.  When he is told that he is NOT an elf he goes on a quest for his real family in New York. It also feature Peter Dinklage in a scene that makes me laugh just thinking about it.  LOVE!

It’s a Wonderful Life

For years my mother acted like this movie was terrible because when its copyright lapsed, it was in the public domain and TV stations would show it all the time, it was cheap as opposed to quality. However this movie is wonderful and such a great representation of a Frank Capra movie.  Jimmy Stewart gives a great performance of a dreamer who has had to lead less of the life he always thought he would leave because of familial obligation and love.

Love Actually

Every year I watch this Christmas set ensemble rom-com and set up my Christmas tree.  It’s unfortunate that this movie is the reason we have for shit-fests like New Years Eve and Valentines Day.  It is also not completely about romantic love but love and family in general.  Emma Thompson also proves that she can create a a completely well-rounded character in only 20 minutes.

The Ref

I think my family came upon this on one of those premium cable free weekends OR saw it in the theater on a lark all I know is that it was a delightful surprise.  Dennis Leary plays a crook who takes Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis hostage on Christmas much to his dismay as the couple and there extended family squabble throughout the holiday.  Glynis Johns is a standout!

White Christmas

When I was a kid I loved Danny Kaye and NOT Bing Crosby (I was always told he was a terrible father who beat his kids, it should come as no great shock that I come from a long line of ladies obsessed with celebrity gossip).  I also loved Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen’s clothes.  Those big red dresses with the fur trim at the end of the movie always made me smile.  ALSO I want a giant feather fan from the “Sisters” routine.

[My favorite Christmas movies are The Thin Man, the early 90s classic All I Want for Christmas and Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan. I will be watching all of them in the coming weeks when I’m done with this fucking semester. -M]

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  1. What, no Bad Santa? Harrumph!

    • I love that one! Especially when Lorelei Gilmore says “fuck me, Santa.” If we listed every Christmas movie we loved no one would read this post because it would be WAY too long.

  2. No miracle on42nd street, it ties with its a wonderful life I. My book. One year Sam and I watched that movie on Xmas eve and on the end he agreed with me there is a Santa Claus!

    Aunt Jackie

  3. It is actually a Miracle on 34TH Street!

  4. I always preferred Holiday Inn to White Christmas. I watched it a few years ago and was horrified at the black face routine. Now i just think of it as racist.

    • AHHHH! I bought you Holiday Inn because I had never seen it and then we watched it and it was so offensive! It was like the disappointment of Splendor in the Grass at 15.

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