Smart ladies love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Because sadly it is not Friday (and Galentine’s Day is over)I have decided to give you an adorable puff piece about a great AMERICAN, a true HERO, and an all around swell guy, the one and only Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

The Rock with a kitten on his head from SNL

Oh The Rock you are so adorable!!!

The Rock is in a select and tiny group of actors I enjoy no matter what crap they are in —the others are, well, Vin Diesel and more and more Channing Tatum has wormed his little old self on this list (though the first G.I. Joe and Dear John are TERRIBLE). I’m not sure why I enjoy him SO much it might be that he is delightfully hilarious and always a good sport…

It could be that The Rock is so clearly in on the joke and smartly picks projects that exploit the ridiculousness of his size and personality.  I have sadly (OR awesomely) seen The Game Plan like 50 times, it’s delightful.

This Milk ad during the super bowl also plays up his adorableness…

He will elevate any movie even a crappy sequel to a pretty terrible movie franchise (NO Melissa I am NOT talking about The Fast and the Furious) to an enjoyable level such as Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (I have seen this in its entirety once but I have watched parts of it since it debuted on HBO —HBO is a HUGE enabler to my Vin Diesel/The Rock problem).

Which is why I am actually excited about G.I. Joe Retaliation because the first movie was a giant heap of crap (it was before Channing Tatum got the whole acting without dancing down —Step Up 4EVA!).

He EVEN made me enjoy Seann William Scott (why does his name have two n’s)!

Next week he is in the new movie Snitch with Susan Sarandon but more importantly, on May 24th, he will be in Fast & Furious 6 with Vin Deisel!

AND the Michael Bay movie Pain & Gain with Mark Wahlberg that looks INCREDIBLE!

[Ok that Mark Whalberg movie… just no. I saw the preview in the theater and I couldn’t tell if it was a comedy or a serious action movie. I would totally watch it on HBO though. -M]

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