Smart ladies love fashion; the bad, the awful, and the worst celeb fashion


Celeb Fashion 101: What are you wearing???

The bad: this is a premiere not a sleepover!

Bad Fashion

Even Victoria Grayson gave up on the bandage dress (ps how good is Revenge?).  If she could, then Amanda Bynes could too! Um, or NOT…it is Amanda Bynes, after all. The bandage dress flatters few and makes everyone look like they can’t breathe.

Rihanna is not the only celeb that has worn fancy PJs on the red carpet but she might be the only one who has done it 3 times.  In fact, it is this behavior that led me to say, “Melissa we have to do a post on crazy celeb fashion, STAT!  Rihanna keeps wearing fancy PJs to premieres!”

Lastly the mullet dress.  The “sho-lo” of the fashion world. A dress that can sometimes be good but is mostly just bad bad bad.  AND more XTina!!!

[I liked when Rachel Roy wore pajamas on the red carpet that time. I feel she is exempted from all rules. I don’t know why I love her so much. -M]

The Awful: why did you leave your house without pants?

Awful Celeb fashion

This no pants thing needs no explanation…people put on your pants!  There was an entire thing on about celebrities wearing see through leggings, every picture was their bare ass (celebrities don’t wear underpants either, they just HATE PANTS!!!). Lena Dunham hates pants so much she didn’t even bother to put on constrictive tights.

Red carpet vamping.  So I really should have used a pic of Angelina Jolie at the Oscars but I hate Lea Michele!  Stop thrusting your legs at us OR sticking your head over your shoulder and pouting.  Smile–you’re wearing a dress that costs more than my car!

[I think one thing everyone can agree on is that Lea Michele is one of the most annoying people on earth. -M]

The Worst: please Katie Price, put on some clothes!

Fashion Worst Celebs

This is by no mean the definitive list of worst dressed celebs. However, between Katie Price’s boobs, Vanessa Hudgen’s love of the 70s (not the good 70s like brass and rattan but bad 70s like lace pants and macrame caftans) and the Kardashian’s ability to wear every trend at the same time and a size too small, it’s a well-rounded representation of the bad that celebrities bring to the fashion party.

[All I have to say is that I love macrame and Kourtney’s polka dotted dress thing that I would wear as a blouse. -M]

Come back this afternoon for something more positive: the good, the great, and the fab!!!


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  2. I love your brutal honestly on some of the celebs. The truth is they can get away with generally wearing what they want – if they look good…. they get noticed and if they look bad… they get even more publicity!

    xoxox Wag World

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