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I am officially done with grad school (Katie, thanks for attending my bitchin’ party and the not-so-bitchin’ ceremony, where we learned a lot about the PhD work of the students in my program) and my mind is filled with possibilities. I think the number one question I was asked this past weekend was “What now?” I just learned how to DJ records so that crossed a huge personal goal off my list (I was actually pretty good at it, especially if you enjoy sad 70s folk country dirges). But in addition boring stuff like gardening, going to the gym, sneaking off to the pool and/or thrift store, and baking bread, I have sooooo much pop culture to catch up on this summer.

Not watching Big Brother

Floaters grab a life vest

I have seen every season of this crappy summer-only reality show. If I stop watching it, that frees up at least three hours of weekly TV time and countless more hours of casual internetting, where I read fan sites to see what’s happening on the live feeds. I should probably watch something highbrow instead, like Deadwood, The West Wing or The Americans, and research bathtub recaulking and how to cage tomato plants.


I plan to go through the album and track review archives and listen to everything that sounds remotely interesting. There has got to be some great music that I have missed in the past year or so. Record I did NOT miss: Jessica Lea Mayfield. SO GOOD.

Live music

FLF 2014

I’m skipping Hopscotch this year but already have tickets to both Merge 25 and the local Fall Line Fest. Plus Katie got us tickets to see ROBYN as my graduation gift. AND my friend Karen would never forgive me if I didn’t see tons of smaller shows with her every week. I think I might be poor this summer.

DVR Clean Up

Broad City dancing

Before I start Deadwood I should probably finish Sleepy Hollow (I KNOW), Hart of Dixie, Broad City, Kroll Show, & Inside Amy Schumer. Then there’s all the half-finished Netflix shows, like Scandal and Orange is the New Black (I was saving it, dammit!). Against my better judgement, I’m also considering finishing Hemlock Grove so I can liveblog the season 2 “premiere” with Katie.

Fall recaps

Mindy TV

Now that all the networks are announcing their fall schedules, Katie and I can read summaries and initial reviews all summer to decide what totally trashy wonderful new shows we might want to recap. The CW’s lineup is looking particularly batshit crazy, and we are so stoked to cover at least one of these new shows.

Read ALL the Books

RDJ reading

I am totally doing this right now, resulting in half-assing my way through three different books. I should probably focus on one at a time, but there are so many things on my nightstand!!!!!!!!!!

Blog More

Nicole Scherzinger no baby no

I have missed writing and being silly and attempting actual critical thought. I don’t have a plan yet–there’s still so many fun things waiting for me–but I look forward to having a normal blogging schedule (and I’m sure Katie is excited to not carry this blog on her shoulders anymore!). Next up: American Idol finale! WOOOO!!!


  1. Will you add “Have a beer with Mel” to your list of things to do?

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