Smart ladies love HBO


For my thirty-third (yikes) birthday, my wonderful husband gave me a gift that truly keeps on giving: HBO for an entire year.

I have been hesitant to make the the leap to paid premium channels, especially when there are other, uh, methods for watching the content. I am really cheap, but not as cheap as my husband, who pays the cable bill. Why get something I may not watch?

But since our cable was restored on Monday (after this a week prior), we have had it on more than any other channel. We’ve watched movies, parts of John Adams (filmed in our city & the surrounding area so it’s a favorite) and several shows on demand. I decided to watch Girls again, even though it just aired, because it’s on the big TV and I keep picking out little interesting bits I love. When I have more time, I’m going to start Game of Thrones season 2. It’s really hard to not put it on right now so I can see what happens but I have to wait until my husband can watch it too. {{grumble}}

We haven’t even logged into HBOGo yet, since we have forgotten our Fios password, but I know all about the riches that await me there: every episode of Deadwood (hey there, Tim Olyphant), The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm… shows I have never been able to start.

Four days into “My Life with HBO” and I know I will be extending my one-year gift indefinitely.

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