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Our passion for TV brought us together over fifteen years ago, and it’s what drives us to blog. We wanted to share some end of year TV superlatives. Now, we watch a lot of television, but we don’t watch everything: we do have full time jobs! So take these picks lightly and in good fun. We’re not holding back so EXPECT SPOILERS! Melissa’s Best and Worst list posted earlier today click here for a good read.  

Most Improved

The Mindy Project has improved so much from last year which makes me so happy because I was SOOOO disappointed by it. The ensemble is starting to gel better than it ever did last season –thanks Adam Pally– if only Mindy could have a girl friend.

Best New Shows (Network)


So many new shows this year that I like but Sleepy Hollow, The Trophy Wife, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are my absolute faves. Sleepy Hollow is delightfully daffy, scary, fun, and always a delight. Both The Trophy Wife and Brooklyn Nine-Nine have exceeded my already high expectations to become two of my FAVORITE comedies on TV. Both shows have large ensembles and are on fire (the kids in TTW are dyn-o-might). I am still irritated at Fox for not pairing Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Enlisted which had one of my FAVORITE pre-season trailers.

Best New Shows (Cable)

Last summer I stumbled on two shows that I cannot live without, Vikings and Orphan Black both are fabulous and are tons of fun. Vikings is incredibly well done it looks just as lovely as Game of Thrones and the acting is amazing –good job History channel. Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black is a delight as many versions of the same clone and grounds the occasional cheesiness of the series.

Best Comedy


There are so many comedies I love right now but my top four can not miss comedies are The New Girl, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory, and How I met Your Mother. I know some people have been having issues with The New Girl this season but I still laugh out loud every episode and I don’t really care if Nick and Jess are together. I would appreciate more stories for Winston though. I will go into more depth on Parks and Recreation below so I’ll talk some more about how improved The Big Bang Theory is and how sad I will be when How I Met Your Mother ends in 2014. TBBT has been on TV for 7 seasons which is generally when most sit-coms start to show signs of age but TBBT just keeps on getting funnier (it’s funny that this happened when they added not one but two ladies to the cast –who said women aren’t funny?). HIMYM has been such a staple in my life that it will pain me when it’s over.

Best Drama

There were a lot of great dramas this past year but none were as amazing as Game of Thrones. As a book reader I had been waiting for season 3 as A Storm of Swords is currently my favorite book in the series. The Red Wedding was fantastic and I love everything with Brienne and Jaime. I can not wait for season 4.

The best new-to-me show

I loved Parks and Recreation so much I watched all five seasons twice this summer. I LOVE the relationship between Leslie and Ron. I will cry ugly tears when Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe leave this when the show returns.

Most anticipated new show of 2014

Dear Fox why the fuck would you put Brooklyn Nine-Nine  with  Dads when you could have paired it with the hotness that is in Enlisted (I have loved Geoff Stults for so long give this dude a show), plus Dads is DUMB.

Most anticipated returning shows in 2014


I might like Vikings because of all the beards…so many fucking fabulous beards!!!

GoT, Vikings, and Orphan Black, come on spring get here already I miss my shows. I also miss Sherlock and the hotness that is Benedict Cumberbatch though I am disappointed in Martin Freeman based on recent interviews (DUDES JUST STOP JOKING ABOUT RAPE it’s rarely funny and just makes you look like an ass).

Best network decision

NBC hiring back Dan Harmon for the fifth season of Community is amazing, I might now watch season 5.

Favorite NEW Character

I am sad Happy Endings is over but I am super excited that Adam Pally is on The Mindy Project. He is terrific as Peter a competent doctor who is also a complete and total bro.


GoT has a lot of characters but I am so glad that they didn’t cut strong, noble, loyal, and above all descent Brienne of Tarth played by Gwendoline Christie. She is the reason that you not only start to route for Jaime Lannister but you also start to appreciate him.

Favorite Character

Lady Edith from Downton Abbey  and all of the clones on Orphan Black even creepy as fuck Helena. Middle sister Edith has struggled to find her calling in the early part of the 20th century but once she found writing she found love and satisfaction. Let’s hope in 2014 she get’s laid and moves to NYC where she drinks booze in speakeasies and finds love over and over. Tatiana Maslany plays a lot of different people on Orphan Black the fact that she does it while making us at home think it many different actors playing these people is breathtaking.

Favorite Character on a Least Favorite Show

Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) on Once Upon a Time is the only compelling character on that OUaT which is why he gets the most tumblr love (seriously he is all over SLLS dashboard).


This is actually from an earlier season (I think 4) but it should be said often and loudly over and over again.

Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) on True Blood she was kind of whiny in season 6 but still hilarious. Anna Camp was also fantastic on True Blood and definitely rose above the material she was given.

Best costumes, sets, and CGI

Sleepy Hollow and Game of Thrones make the costumes, sets and CGI look even cheaper on OUaT which is insane since it already looks like crap. The things Sleepy Hollow does proves that genre shows are better with 13 episode seasons, they are tighter and look better.

Couples I will continue to ship like a 14-year-old on tumblr

Tess and JT on Beauty and the Beast are the only thing keeping me going on this kind of scattered and dismal second season.

Hottest Game of Thrones Character that I DO NOT want to find attractive


Ramsey Snow (Iwan Rheon) AKA the Bastard of Bolton AKA the guy who castrated Theon Greyjoy is truly the most despicable bastard in all of Westeros and that is saying something but it also means he should NOT be hot.

Worst Wardrobe/Sets/CGI

OUaT is so cheap and it just looks cheaper now that newer genre shows are rocking visual effects like Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human, and Agents of Shield (which is on the same network so ABC clearly has the money to make OUaT look descent).

Worst possible but not probable death (and blatant excuse to show peen on the blog)


I could not help myself…

Eric Northman on True Blood is probably not dead but everyone freaked out when he caught fire on top of a mountain in Sweden. It’s cool kids ASkars will be back AND to tide you over watch him play JesusSwede in this Cut Copy video. He was also pretty hilarious in the last episode of Eastbound & Down as Toby Powers adult son of Kenny Powers.

Worst love interest

Mohinder (Gabe/Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Cat together on BATB makes me want to scream.

The show that wastes the most talent

True Blood and Once Upon a Time have some great actors and they squander then in terrible storylines and shit dialog. The cast of True Blood are free after this summer as this is their last season but lets start a campaign to free the amazing Ginnifer Goodwin who is squandered as Snow White on OUaT.

Worst network decision


I’m not sure what the CW has done to BATB but it needs to undo it or we are going to lose Jay Ryan on our TV screens because of shit writing and lousy ratings.

Worst storyline

Billith, Zombie Vampires and everything on True Blood, I am not sad that this is the last season of True Blood as both the books and the show have gone completely off the rails. Carrie Preston deserves to become a partner in Florrick Agos & Associates.

Most disappointing new show

Almost Human has some good concepts but sadly it has come off as a police procedural in the future. Please Fox don’t waste the talent of Michael Ealy and Karl Urban their chemistry is lovely but let’s have some cohesiveness and stop fucking with the order of episodes.

Worst show

I need to stop watching Once Upon a Time as it is not getting any better. It literally is all of the bullshit of Lost and none of the cleverness (though truth be told I have found on recollection that Lost wasn’t so much clever but good with presenting the illusion it was clever).

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