Smart ladies love lists, the 15 hottest actors from continental Europe


Just like our Scandinavian list these fellas are in order of age not an actual ranking (because for some reason I am incapable of putting things in order of how much I like them). I am also aware that this list is very French heavy but I can’t help it if there are a lot of hotties in France OR that I watch a lot of French films.

Jean Reno


Age: July 30, 1948

Country: France and Morocco

What he is known for: Reno the oldest on the list has made a lot of English language movies but he is probably best known for his work in The Professional as the hit-man Luc who takes a very young Natalie Portman under his wing.

Fun Fact: Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was his best man at his 2006 wedding to Polish actress/model Zofia Borucka.

Christoph Waltz


This might be my favorite GIF EVER!!!

Age: October 4, 1956

Country: Austria

What he is known for: Waltz is best known for his work with Quentin Tarantino in the films Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained in which he won Supporting Actor Oscars for both.

Fun Fact: According to IMDB he is known for polyglotism (the ability to master numerous languages), I’m guessing because he speaks German, English, and French. [Also: surprisingly good on SNL. I hope he makes some comedies. -M]

Sebastian Koch


Age: May 31, 1962

Country: Germany

What he is known for: The German actor is mostly known for foreign films The Lives of Others and Black Book (also staring list-mate Michiel Huisman). He was also in American films Unknown and A Good Day to Die Hard.


Fun Fact: He is the longtime partner of Game of Thrones actress Carice van Houten (AKA Melisandre the red priestess).

Vincent Cassel


Age: November 23, 1966

Country: France

What he is known for: Best known in the states for Black Swan, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen and Eastern Promises.


Fun Fact: So this isn’t so much “FUN” as gossipy but Cassel was married to incredibly beautiful Italian actress Monica Bellucci but this past August they announced their separation –so basically this is more of a sad fact. [Another fun fact: my old roommate was obsessed with Vincent Cassel and would always compare herself to Monica Bellucci.  I think this is also a sad fact. -M]

Mathieu Kassovitz


Age: August 3, 1967

Country: France

What he is known for: Kassovitz is best known as Audrey Tautou’s love interest in Amelie and for directing the Halle Berry movie Gothika.


Fun Fact: Frequently collaborates with list-mate Vincent Cassel, whom he directed in the movie La Haine. [Big nosed and French, my two favorites! -M]

Javier Bardem


Age: March 1, 1969

Country: Spain

What he is known for: For being a really awesome actor in lots and lots of films, such as Before Night Falls, Skyfall, and his Oscar-winning performance in No Country for Old Men.


Fun Fact: Played rugby for the Spainsh National team and is also the fact that he is married to Penélope Cruz.

Raoul Bova


Age: August 14, 1971

Country: Italy

What he is known for: He is the guy who has a brief affair with Diane Lane in Under the Tuscon Sun.


Fun Fact: He was apparently on the Barry Watson TV show What About Brian, if I had known this guy was on that show I might have watched it. [You should have watched What About Brian anyway, Katie, it was awesome. Barry Watson 4eva! -M]

Jean Dujardin


Age: June 19, 1972

Country: France

What he is known for: He won an Oscar for the silent film The Artist.


Fun Fact: According to IMDB, he and list-mate Christoph Waltz are the only two actors to win the Cannes prize for Best Actor, the SAG Award, the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the Oscar for one film.

Guillaume Canet


Age: April 10, 1973

Country: France

What he is known for: His film Tell No One, won  four César awards, including a César Award for Best Director for Canet and was the ninth top grossing French film of 2006.


Fun Fact: Canet is in a relationship with French actress Marion Cotillard AND was formerly married to SLLS fave Diane Kruger. [I still think Pacey is a step up from this guy. Go Krug! -M]

Romain Duris


Age: May 28, 1974

Country: France

What he is known for: The fist time I saw Duris was in the awesome ensemble comedy L’Auberge Espagnole. Recently I saw him in the sequel Russian Dolls and the rom-com Heartbreaker (which is delightful).


Fin Fact: He was a drummer in an acid-jazz band –one of the best fun facts EVER!

Jamel Debbouze


Age: June 18, 1975

Country: France and Morocco

What he is known for: The comedian was in the French films Angel-A and Amelie.


Fun Fact: Another not so fun fact, Debbouze lost his right hand in a train accident when he was 15.

Michael Fassbender


Age: April 2, 1977

Country: Germany and Ireland

What he is known for: He plays the younger version of Magneto. He has made three movies with director Steve McQueen: Hunger, Shame, and 12 Years a Slave. He was in Inglourious Basterds with list-mate Christoph Waltz.  

Fun Fact: I learned from reading the latest issue of GQ with him on the cover (I like to buy magazines with hot boys on the cover when I fly) that he is really into formula 1 racing and driving REALLY FAST (the entire article takes place at a track near Montreal).

Matthias Schoenaerts


Age: December 8, 1977

Country: Belgium

What he is known for: He was the star and Marion Cotillard’s love interest in the movie Rag and Bone AND he was in Black Books with fellow list-mates Sebastian Koch and Michiel Huisman.


Fun Fact: Was heavily favored for the role of Robocop but didn’t think he was ready for such a big part.

Daniel Brühl


Age: June 16, 1978

Country: Germany and Spain

What he is known for: For the foreign film Goodbye Lenin. [And Inglorious Basterds! -M] Most recently he starred in Rush and The Fifth Estate.


Fun Fact: He was a singer in a band called Purge which is not as cool as being a drummer in an acid-jazz band. He was one of our TIFF HDOTW. [I love Daniel Brühl so much I wish he could be HDOTW all by himself every week. Maybe he could switch off with Tim Olyphant. -M]

Michiel Huisman


Age: July 18, 1981

Country: The Netherlands

What he is known for: He is Sonny on Treme and Liam on Nashville. He was also in the movie The Young Victoria. He is also going to be on Game of Thrones this spring (let’s hope without a shirt).


Fun Fact: He is not just a musician on both Treme and Nashville he is also one in real life, in 2005 he released an album in Dutch, Luchtige Verhalen. [1. This guy is younger than me and now I am depressed. 2. He is the hottest dude on Nashville. 3. His American accent is so good I did not know he was Dutch until Katie told me. 4. I guess Rayna is going to sleep with the fake Keith Urban instead so he can help pay for her vanity label. 5. I did not see last night’s episode of Nashville yet. -M]

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