Smart ladies love lists, the top ten Scandinavian dudes


As usual with my top ten lists, these are not in order from 1-10 but are listed from oldest to youngest. Feel free to rank your favorite Scandi dudes in the comments.

Stellan Skarsgård


Age: June 13, 1951

Country: Sweden

What he is known for: Good Will Hunting, Thor, Mamma Mia and producing really attractive children (he has eight, four are actors, two are on this list). [I love that you included Mamma Mia here, Katie, even though that movie was awful. -M]


There are so many Skarsgård children!

Fun Fact: Paul Bettany named his son Stellan after Skarsgård.

Viggo Mortensen



Age: October 20, 1958

Country: Denmark (Viggo’s dad is from Denmark and his mother is American)

What he is known for: Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings movies, Hildalgo (Viggo dirty with a horse), and Eastern Promises iconic nude fight scene. [Also, making me super into beards. -M]

Fun Facts: Looks hottest when dirty and unshaven (oh wait that’s not so much a fun fact but instead my personal Mortensen preference). Mortensen is a jazz musician, poet and was once a truck driver in Denmark (none of these matter however to how hot he is in LotR when he is dirty and in battle).

Mikael Nyqvist


Age: November 8, 1960

Country: Sweden

What he is known for: the original Swedish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its sequels and he was the bad guy in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (which Melissa and I saw in the theater).

Fun Fact: He has twice been voted the sexiest man in Sweden. [Probably because of that beard. YOWZA! -M]

Ulrich Thomsen

ScandinavianDudes_UlrichThomsenANDMads Mikkelsen

Age: December 6, 1963

Country: Denmark

What he is known for: 12 episodes of Banshee (do people watch this and is it any good?), the animated episode of Fringe, and as the bad guy in the Bond film The World is not Enough.

Mads Mikkelsen


Age: November 22, 1965

Country: Denmark

What he is known for: he is currently Hannibal Lecter on NBC’s Hannibal, he was the bad guy in Casino Royal (his eye weeped blood), and was in the Clive Owen King Arthur (which also starred Stellan Skarsgård).


Fun Facts: He was a dancer for 8 years AND he was knighted by SLLS fave Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


Let’s all take a moment to remember Jaime before war.

Age: July 27, 1970

Country: Denmark

What he is known for: Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones (he totally deserved an Emmy nomination for season 3), was in the horror movie Mama and was Paul Bettany’s BFF in the awesome rom-com Wimbledon (I’m not joking I loved that movie and I keep trying to get Melissa to watch it). [I never liked him but I woke up one day and decided he was the hottest dude in GoT. And no, I will never watch Wimbeldon, it looks crappy. -M]


Fun Fact: He is married to the former Miss Greenland.

Fares Fares


Age: April 29, 1973

Country: Sweden (Fares was actually born in Lebanon but grew up in Sweden)

What he is known for: He has had bit parts in Zero Dark Thirty and Safe House, is in the Swedish series Easy Money which stars Joel Kinnaman, and he is BFFs with Askars.

Alexander Skarsgård


Age: August 25, 1976

Country: Sweden

What he is known for: Brad Colbert in Generation Kill, Eric Northman in True Blood, Benji in The East and being Stellan Skarsgård’s eldest child.

Fun facts: We have covered Alexander when he was hot dude of the week AND when  he was in the Cut Copy video “Free Your Mind”.

Joel Kinnaman


Age: November 25, 1979

Country: Sweden

What he is known for: Holder in the English version of The Killing, is going to be Robocop in the remake, and he is BFFs with Gustaf Skarsgård. [I was just texting Katie about how he was the best/foxiest thing in Lola Versus, which suffered from “Zoe Lister Jones-itis.” -M]

Fun Fact: We covered many Kinnaman fun facts when he was hot dude of the week.

Gustaf Skarsgård


I can’t wait for season 2 of Vikings! [This will give me nightmares. Why do Vikings need so much eyeliner? -M]

Age: November 12, 1980

Country: Sweden

What he is known for: for starters he is Alexander Skarsgård’s younger brother, was in last years Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film Kon Tiki, and most notably (at least in my book) as the super awesome Viking Floki on Vikings.


SO ADORABLE!!! [Katie, this is horrifying. WTF? -M]

Fun Fact: Like his brother and BFF, Gustaf has also been hot dude of the week with his younger brother Bill (who was omitted from this list because he needs to get older)!

Gifs from dannielleeeeethegoatrodeonoomirapace, hannibal-the-cannibal-fannibalsmadsonlineevangelinelilly-rphtheberry, skarsgard and roleplayneeds.


  1. Is it really necessary to include 3 Skarsgards? For me, Alexander should be the only one included and why aren’t there any men from Finland? I’d remove Alex’s Dad & brother, and add on Ville Valo of HIM and Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish.

    • Hello Barbara,

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      When I went to make the list I was saddened to learn that I don’t really know of any actors from Finland (I had meant to mention it but then the post ran a little long with all the photos).

      I have a soft spot for Stellan Skarsgard because of Good Will Hunting and I love Gustaf on Vikings. So in my head it is necessary to include all three.

      I will look up the two gentlemen you suggested 🙂

      Thanks again for reading!

      • Finland is not a Scandinavian country.

      • @Katie…like you I have a soft spot for Stellan 1. He is an amazing actor…you forgot to mention that he was in Angels and Demons ( ironically Paul Bettany was in the first movie ), Ronin with LOTR alumn Sean Bean, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor ( who his son Alexander lost the part to Hemsworth ) etc…love Gustaf in Vikings….by my ❤️ is Alexander and Viggo…

    • Finland is not a part of Scandinavia…

  2. Hi Katie, oh, do they have to be actors? I totally didn’t catch that. Ville and Tuomas are musicians. =D

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  5. For the record, Wimbledon was a perfectly good, solid rom-com. I liked it when I saw it in the theater, and I own it on DVD and it has stood up just fine to more recent viewings.

    • Hey Beth,

      I own it too! Hopefully Melissa will see your endorsement as another check in the awesome column.

      I just recently watched as well and it does hold up really nicely. James MacAvoy looks so young 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!!

  6. Mads Mikkelsen and Viggo. They are all I see on this list. Lol. I lived in Scandinavia and I will tell you, the men there are THE most egalitarian men on the planet. Loved it. Men do dishes, men raise babies and they do it all with pride and dignity. And they are easy on the eyes with nice manners and a good educational foundation. They actually like independent women. Other than the six months of darkness and snow, there’s nothing not to like about men in Scandinavia!

  7. Katie. The Skarsgaards are just fantastic (all of them!), but being a Dane I must admit to have a soft spot for Viggo, Mads and others you did not mention, also. 😉

    You should come visit us here! 🙂

    • HELLO!

      Always exciting hearing from readers in Scandinavia! Both Melissa and I would LOVE to visit the area.

      Please feel free to send us a list of HOT Danes we missed 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!!

  8. Fares Fares, with a face and body so nice, they named it twice. What a tall, gorgeous drink of water. No matter how much screen time he gets in a film, it’s never enough for me.

    • Hey Patrick,

      The only reason I watched Tyrant was for Fares and then I had to stop because he wasn’t on it enough 🙁

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!!

  9. Loving your list! Might I suggest, as a very deserving addition, the rather dishy Peter Franzen of Finland. He is touted as an incredibly versatile actor by the Finnish movie industry (so says Wikipedia), perhaps because his beguiling eyes can range from intense to tender, or his face reveal the inner pain of the haunted or the sweetness of the innocent. There are many reasons, I’m sure, but non-academically speaking, I’m a definite fan!

  10. Did you know Viggo Mortensen is also a photographer. He rocks!

  11. Gustaf is my fave… Alexander is pretty OK too but Floki won me over in Vikings. My family is from Scandinavia, though I am American born/ can’t get past the tall, blue eyed, rugged dudes. 🙂

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