Smart ladies love magazines

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YES, I am writing about magazines.  So here is the deal Melissa and I are still on an election high and we watch X Factor US together and IM, while she writes our post which will go out Friday and I was wracking my brain with ideas as to what to write for tomorrow (it was an empty void), first I thought I could recap Nashville but I couldn’t do it (I would have to pay too much attention and I REALLY wanted to watch Modern Family and Suburgatory) then it hit me: MAGAZINES (well a review of disaster movies but it’s too soon).

Vanity Fair with Meryl on the cover

I might love Meryl more than magazines…look how pretty.

I love magazines, for many years they were the only reading I liked to do.  There pretty and colorful and INFORMATIVE (thanks Glamour for helping me check for cancerous moles).  There are hundreds of them IN SO MANY topics: fashion, entertainment, crafts, there are even doll magazines, magazines for men (Men’s Fitness is hilarious, seriously just peruse it one day the next time you are at a Barnes & Noble it’s written for stereotypical manly men like the ones in commercials who can’t clean but can grill), magazines for dogs and of course Cat Fancy!

Magazines are also awesome because you can subscribe to them which means you will get legitimate mail (this is mail you enjoy or bills which you won’t enjoy but are unfortunately legitimate).  Think about all the things you can learn by subscribing to a specific magazine or all the things you might not want the people at Barnes & Noble to know you are into but don’t mind your postman knowing. Like say…

Don’t you judge me…I want to know if first love CAN last?

I didn’t even mention cooking magazines in my list of genres, I currently subscribe to not only Eating Well but also Cooking Light.  I have been getting People, Entertainment Weekly and Vanity Fair since I got a grown up job.  I used to subscribe to Vogue but I stopped reading them–I think I still have old ones wrapped in plastic (I should sell that shit on eBay).

Lady Gaga Vogue cover

This cover totally looks like Rupaul. I vote for Rupaul next year 🙂

Though I subscribe to some magazines I leave other magazines for impulse purchases at the grocery store or airport.  These are generally fancy design mags like Dwell, trashy lady mags like Glamour (never Cosmo cause I feel dirty even touching it) and/or InStyle (which is basically picture porn, it has fashion, usually a lady actress, then a hot dude, and finally a house I will never be able to afford).

Halle Berry on the cover InStyle

Every cover of InStyle looks the same.

Not only do I love certain types of magazines but I also have favorite issues of magazines like the September issue of Vogue.  I also love the Hollywood Power and Glamour issue of Vanity Fair (more people of color on your cover please), People’s Sexiest Man (his name is Ryan Gosling or Donald Glover this year please), and Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Movie Preview (LINCOLN!) to name just a few.  I used love People’s 50 Beautiful people but they ruined it several years ago so it is off the LIST!

I end with a plea, a plea for magazines, please buy magazines or they will die and you don’t want to kill magazines that would make me cry (I just had to fix “cry” cause I had typed “cray”, Freudian type ;)).  Now I’m going to finish watching Wednesday night comedies and watching that Cat Fancy video over and over.

My favorite Friday night past time is catching up on my DVR, making pizza, drinking half a bottle of Trader Joe’s wine and reading the stack of magazines that pile up every week. I personally subscribe to two weeklies–EW and New York Magazine–while my husband also gets The Economist and Time. That’s a lot of reading. Add to this (semi) monthly mags like Bust and Sunset (I want to move to San Francisco sooo bad) and we have A TON of paper everywhere. I regularly clean up and throw stuff in the recycling bin but then we get 3 weeks behind and have twelve magazines on our coffee table (I will be blaming grad school for this for the next two years). In spite of all this, I  cannot unsubscribe to anything. Yes I read magazines on my iPad and while it’s nice for traveling, I don’t read as in depth as I do with tactile mags. Viva la magazines! -M

I want this patio. And to live in the west.