Smart ladies love March madness in all its forms


March madness is upon us ladies and gents and I am super duper excited. I brought my iPad to work today so that I can watch the games at my desk —don’t tell anyone. I am the bracket manager, so I MUST keep up with the games! I am also trying to convince myself to stay awake tonight to watch SLLS’ beloved VCU Rams in their Round 1 game against Akron —which is on so so late. [9:45 EST! I will be asleep but I’m bad luck anyway. -M]


Even the President gets into the NCAA though I’m kind of pissed off that he doesn’t take VCU into the Sweet Sixteen —WTF! Also I wonder who is the bracket manager at the White House for their pool (I bet it’s Biden; you can tell that scamp loves to gamble). Also how long did it take him to make his picks, it took me a half hour and I have two brackets —yes TWO!  I will also probably change both of them 50 times over the next hour —THEY’RE DUE AT 11 AM, PEOPLE!

Earlier this week Melissa found this HILARIOUS article over at Grantland that MIGHT be helpful to all of you out there who just can’t seem to finalize your bracket —AGAIN YOU ONLY HAVE AN HOUR!  Just a suggestion-pick 11 seed Minnesota cause their mascot is the Golden Gopher. How can you root against the Golden Gophers–you are anti-American OR a UCLA fan.

But beyond all of the excitement of the games and the gambling there are also all of the internet tournaments that go on because the internet LOVES lists and polls!

  • The Fug girls do Fug Madness, my FAVORITE non-sports related March Madness pool.  First of all the girls are hilarious but also because they watch the NCAA, Fug Madness is an AWESOME homage to the tourney.
  • Jezebel is doing the 80’s vs. the 90’s. [I loved cake vs. pie from a few years ago. Team Cobbler! -M]
  • Vulture has been doing TV Comedies but Sitcom Smackdown lost me when they picked Sex and the City over 30 Rock.
  • Persephone Magazine does Middle March Madness focusing on literary heroines.

Alright, I have to go over my brackets again and then set up my iPad so that I don’t get fired.  I will most likely be on Twitter talking about the games, HAVOC, and to bitch when my brackets finally BUST!

I will leave you with this (I also scream Gonzaga like this!)…

[I do not care about collegiate sports at all except NCAA because it’s fun to gamble! Well I don’t put money in anymore because I always lose. In the past, I’ve made selections based on school names (that’s you, Colgate) and places I like (everyone was SHOCKED when Vermont won that time and I actually had them winning on my bracket!). I would pick GONZAGAAAAAA, VCU, St. Louis and Butler as my Final Four because I like mid-majors and the A-10. See? I am doomed to lose. -M]

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