Smart ladies love MSNBC


Rachel Maddow gif

Katie and I mention this all the time but I think I need a How I Met Your Mother Intervention:

This is the worst quality video ever but you get the idea.

I need an intervention to pull myself away from this woman:

Rachel MaddowAnd this guy:

NBC News CorrespondentsAnd this lady:

Melissa Harris-Perry

And even this dude:
All In with Chris Hayes

Yes, I am addicted to MSNBC.

I used to watch HGTV every night while going to sleep. But sometime around election season that switched to MSNBC. So many exciting and important women were on the ballot nationwide. Men in power were saying insane things about women’s bodies. Virginia, a new battleground state, also had a senate race the whole nation was watching. The day after the election last year I watched this ten times and cried:

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Rachel, and the other hosts of MSNBC, gave me hope. Things were going to get better. We would all be ok.

Except now this is going on in North Carolina and I must watch Rachel’s reporting of it every night:

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This is so appalling that every news agency should be reporting about this every day.

The day after the Trayvon Martin verdict, after running into a friend in the Trader Joe’s parking lot and bawling, seeing Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests debate racism and privilege in America, I felt a little better.

This made me cry all over again.

MHP is DR. MHP and teaches a class on hip hop and feminism! See the syllabus here. She just tweeted the syllabus this morning and it makes me love her even more.

Lawrence O’Donnell is like my crazy liberal uncle who gets tipsy and yells at people about the Affordable Healthcare Act. Plus Krystal Ball is on his show a lot! She has such a good name (also she is wicked smart). Chris Hayes has an amazing skill to build carefully crafted, reasonable arguments in a public forum.

I won’t watch just anything on MSNBC–I can be picky (I don’t have a lot of time). Chris Matthews is too yelly. I used to DVR Andrea Mitchell since she breaks so many big stories but we couldn’t keep up with it every day. I hate Morning Joe and other shows where people from opposing political viewpoints argue at 7am. It makes me uncomfortable.

I know this outs me as a “bleeding heart socialist” (true X2) but I don’t give a shit. MSNBC is my home sweet cable TV home.

Katie told me the other day that my MSNBC addiction is “cute.” My husband is much nicer to me now that I fall asleep to Lawrence O’Donnell instead of House Hunters. Feedback like that makes me think I don’t need an intervention just yet–and when is public policy engagement a bad thing?

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