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In the debate of pie versus cake, I am firmly team cobbler. It’s super easy to make and the crust-fruit ratio is exactly how I like it. However, Thanksgiving is a time to experiment with baking things you’ve never made before and foisting them on your family, right? I decided to try apple pie.

I used a mix of recipes: this dough (really easy, but I’m glad I’m familiar with making biscuits or I would probably have blended the butter too much) with Dorie Greenspan’s apple pie filling recipe from Baking.

My Apple Pie

Hey there, Ove Glove!

I love my vintage apple pie plate

Poured boiling water on apples, then added the rest of filling. All in!

Egg wash. Nevermind my weirdly double jointed left hand.

My husband really wanted to use up the extra pie dough so he made hearts.

I was so excited to put my pie in the oven!

Cooked for about 50 minutes until juices started coming out! To cut in a few hours.


Will post a photo on our Twitter when my family cuts into it!

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