Smart ladies love pizza

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When I’m not thinking about TV or music I’m obsessing about pizza. It’s my favorite thing to eat, and everywhere I travel I have to visit the best pizza place in town.

I have been sick for three days and I cannot taste food; however, I am still thinking about pizza so much that I wanted to write about it. I make my own pizza and I like to think I am pretty good at it. My friends always ask me for my pizza recipes and tips and it would save me some trouble if I put this on the blog.

Maybe my tastiest pizza ever. I can’t eat much cheese anymore, so this one just had fresh basil.


    • Mostly I use this recipe. I mix it in this rising bucket, put it in the fridge and pull some out when I need it. It halves and doubles really easily, depending on how many pies you need. A whole recipe is about 6 single serving pizzas. This dough is really versatile and you can make grandma slices, focaccia or New York style, depending on how you stretch it. You can substitute flour too. To make the dough a little nuttier, sub in one ounce rye and one ounce wheat germ for two ounces of white flour. Or you can use 1/2 wheat flour, just add a little extra yeast.

Made at Katie’s house! No knead dough, spinach, buffalo mozz, cooked in cast iron pan

      • I find lifting my food processor daunting, but if I want some dough that’s less sticky and easier to work with (plus it freezes well), I use the New York Style pizza at home recipe. It’s basically Peter Reinhart’s New York dough made in a food processor.
      • I LOVE Mozza in Los Angeles (PJ and I went there on our honeymoon) and thankfully Nancy Silverton created a recipe for her cookbook for the home chef. It’s for more advanced pizziaolos only. The dough stretches well but it’s not as foolproof as the other recipes.

Made with Nancy Silverton’s recipe

      • When I don’t want to cook sauce, I just blend canned tomatoes with olive oil, spices, garlic, lemon juice and salt. I prefer cooked sauce, though, and use something similar to this recipe from Slice. The butter makes all the difference.

My homemade sauce, freezer-bound, on my counter. Yes my countertops are covered in contact paper, aren’t they lovely?


      • If you’re serious about making pizza at home, buy American Pie by Peter Reinhart.

The pizzamaker’s bible.

      • Explore Slice for topping recipes. I like just plain spinach or arugula but if you’re interested in Motorino’s pancetta and brussels sprouts pie (it’s been Katie’s favorite since I dragged her there when we went to NYC) or a myriad of other creative toppings ideas, they’re a great resource.
      • If you are traveling, check Slice too for pizza reviews! I get all my info there.
      • Trader Joe’s sells buffallo mozz and it is delicious!
      • Tomato selection is a matter of personal preference. I like Muir Glen organic for cooked sauce but the white label San Marzanos for uncooked. Try them all and use what you like.

The San Marzano ones

  • I have no tips for stretching dough. I still suck at it. It used to make me cry and wasted many balls of dough.
  • I have an electric stove and here’s how I cook my pizza at home: preheat over to 500 degrees with cast iron pan on second-to-top shelf in the oven. Prepare dough on parchment, then cut parchment down (I started a fire a few weeks ago). After an hour, sauce dough and place in heated cast iron pan. When pie slightly browns, remove parchment and put on broiler for two minutes for spotty dark brown crust. I do not have the giant steel sheet yet (I would burn myself on it). This makes awesome pizza, so don’t worry about getting all the fancy stuff.

All photos by me.