Smart ladies love pop culture, 2013 New Year’s Resolutions


Melissa’s 2013 pop culture resolutions

I am a compulsive resolution maker. I keep Google Docs full of lists of all the things I want to accomplish and change year round. This year we thought we’d list some resolutions we will make in our pop culture habits. -M

I will be more adventurous in my record buying


My husband and I visit our local record stores weekly and they are full of amazing things I have never heard. I bought a few cheap LPs based on covers alone that I ended up loving but I still don’t collect all the interesting used LPs and bring them to the store-provided turntables to sample them.

I will not watch crap TV I hate

The Newsroom

I wasted so much time hate-watching The Newsroom, X Factor US & Smash when I could have been watching The Wire or Cheers or even (gasp!) reading books.

I will finish all the books for my bookclub

02chabon  ///</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>"Telegraph Avenue" by Michael Chabon

“Reading more” is such a cliche resolution but really, I want to finish the one book a month my bookclub reads. I want to participate. Grad school has made finding time for reading (and cleaning and house projects) difficult (I do schoolwork & watch TV at the same time), but I think I can finish 12 books a year. Right?

I will quit ANTM this year

America's Next Top Model

Speaking of crap TV, I have watched every cycle of America’s Next Top Model and I can’t bring myself to clear the program from my DVR. I hate Tyra, all of the mentors/judges/photographers and most of the contestants (there’s always 1 a cycle that I enjoy). ANTM is like that bag of candy that you keep buying because it’s cheap, addictive and readily available, even though it makes you feel like crap after you eat it.

I will go see more movies


I did pretty good in 2012, but a new indie cinema just opened a few miles from my house so I have great films really close by. Since I don’t see my friends enough (grrr school), the movie theater will make an excellent girls’ night venue.

I will attempt to go to more shows

Wild Flag 21a

I cannot promise anything with this, but I do want to see my friends’ bands and go to local festivals and such. I have horrible anxiety, which I usually use as an excuse to not leave the house.  I have a few things lined up in January before class kicks in and I plan to see more bands in 2013, because I do miss live music.

Katie’s 2013 pop culture resolutions

I have to admit I never do resolutions mainly because I am a control freak (and once I make a list I will feel obligated to kill myself to mark things off of it) and will have a melt down when I ultimately fail so I’m making these up as I go and most of them are going to be things that I won’t do.  I am not committing myself to this list if I decide to watch Smash then by golly I’m doing it (I also have issues with authority figures even if I am the authority figure). -K

I will try and remember to buy albums I hear on Sirius XMU in a more timely manner so that I am not constantly siting in my car going “why don’t I own this”.  I will also try and be better about listening to the albums I buy, so that I don’t always ave to check my iPod before I purchase anything.


I will continue to stop watching shows if I have four or five on the DVR (goodbye Up All Night).  I have been doing this for a couple of years since I once had a minor panic attack two years ago when my DVR filled up and I had to make really tough deleting decisions (example I was saving every episode of Doctor Who for re-watching purposes but those had to go because I watched too much TV and needed to DVR space).  So I guess I also vow to buy more DVD box-sets OR buy more seasons of TV on Amazon which keeps my living room cleaner. WIN!


I will also try a limit the amount of DVDs I buy at Target because they are cheap oh who am I kidding this will never happen it brings me too much joy!


I will try and watch season two of Smash but I will stop watching if it makes me want to hurt my TV.  


I will also stop recapping Grey’s Anatomy because it makes me hate life but will gladly continue recapping Beauty and the Beast cause I love it.  I am also looking forward to recapping True Blood and possibly doing a book to TV comparison for Game of Thrones.


I will try and do more Smart ladies love to hate post about men (I’m targeting you Matt Lauer) instead of ladies which is hard cause I have an entire litany of reasons why I hate Olivia Munn (though I will concede that she was the least annoying lady on Newsroom, though I loved Alison Pill, I did delete those episodes off the DVR but only cause I know I can watch them on HBO Go, why did I like Newsroom?).


Maybe I should vow to read more…I vow to finish Book 4 and Book 5 in A Song of Ice and Fire series before 2013!  I started A Feast of Crows on the plane to and from Portland so I’m already on my way!!!