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Katie is not feeling well–everyone tell her to get better soon!–so I am on my own this year.

Melissa’s 2013 Pop Culture Resolutions Updates

Before I post what I want to accomplish this year, I want to check my progress on my 2013 resolutions.

I will be more adventurous in my record buying
I tried in the beginning of the year but I quickly slipped back into old habits. However, I did listen to more new music thanks to Spotify and my Week in Music posts. Fail AND Pass

I will not watch crap TV I hate

The Newsroom

This was actually pretty easy–I watched a few hours of X Factor US (mainly auditions), but did make time to watch more quality programming, like Breaking Bad and Top of the Lake. Pass

I will finish all the books for my bookclub
I didn’t finish all of them but did better as the year went on, even reading a book in my spare time that was not for the group! Pass

I will quit ANTM this year

America's Next Top Model
There was a time when I wanted to watch ANTM? I can’t even remember this. Pass

I will go see more movies

Jennifer Lawrence

Meh. I’ve done ok during the holidays since I’ve been on a break from both school and work, but totally bombed the other eleven months. However, I have done better about completing movies on Netflix. I still want to go OUT to the movies more. Fail AND Pass

I will attempt to go to more shows
Nope, I did not. I did manage to go to a few shows but had an awful panic attack at one a few months ago. I did spend more time with my classmates, drinking after class. Fail

Melissa’s 2014 Pop Culture Resolutions

Finish The Wire

The Wire

This seems far fetched since it counts so much on my husband’s desire to watch the show too, but I’d like to watch more than three episodes of The Wire this year. Preferably all the episodes but one or two seasons would be great.

End my fantasy baseball season in fourth place or higher

Oh Bryce Harper.

Oh Bryce Harper.

I won my fantasy football league this week. It seems like a big deal, but there were only eight teams and I drafted second. My record was 6-7 but I killed it in the playoffs. As I mentioned, I finished fifth in my baseball league while knowing very little about baseball on draft night. Now that I am a baseball expert, I will draft better and finish higher. Right?

Be more like Beyoncé
Beyonce Flawless
I am not sure how I will accomplish this or what it actually entails doing but being a talented bad ass babe who is in charge of her sexuality sounds pretty awesome to me.

Finish grad school and write more long-form blog posts

Feminist Rants

I have so many ideas and I want to spend more time exploring pop culture in terms of feminism/race/privilege/etc. This will require reading more theory, and once grad school ends in the spring, I should have free time.

What are your pop culture resolutions for 2014?

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