Smart ladies love pop culture, what we are thankful for in 2013


This year, we want to give thanks to all of our pop culture favorites in 2013.


Thank you for the gifs and the daily worktime entertainment. I heart you. Here are some of my favorite gifs:
Mindy TV

Cheryl Cole gif 2

One Direction SNL gif


Sometimes when I am sad at work I look up SNL gifs. I am also thankful for Saturday Night Live, this season has taken a turn for the bizarre, and I love it.

One Direction, “Story of My Life”

I saw the original video and I thought “mehhh.” But then I saw them play it on the AMAs and suddenly it was like holy shit Harry’s voice! I wish they would release a live version of this with all the screaming taken out so I can stop watching the video like a weirdo.

Merge Records

Destroyer This Night

I am probably too obsessed with Merge but I can’t help it. They released so many of my favorite records this year (Mikal Cronin, Eleanor Friedberger, King Khan, the above Destroyer reissue & William Tyler deserve special shout outs) but next year is their 25th anniversary. This means a limited edition 7″ subscription series (I have already bought this), a new reissue every month, and most importantly, XXV Merge. We went to XX Merge in 2009 and it was the most fun five days I have ever had. We met some amazing people (some of which have been featured on this blog) and saw 30+ amazing bands. I can’t wait to do it again next year!

My book club

RDJ reading

From here.

Without my book club, I would not have read Stoner or Eleanor & Park. I would not have been led down the path to read The Secret History, which I am LOVING right now. I actually didn’t read much fiction written after 1950 until I joined over a year ago. But even more importantly than that, I am thankful to have a group of smart women who bake for each other once a month, get a little tipsy and talk about books and life in general. If you like contemporary fiction, one of the members has a great book blog, River City Reading. Find some rad, smart people (baking skill is a plus) and form a book club in your town.


Every Friday, I enjoy the newest episode of Nashville alone with homemade pizza and probably too much beer (I am also thankful for beer!). While I love having a weekly ritual, Nashville being a part of it makes it more special. I think the show has gotten even better this year, and they’ve increased the musical (and romantic) stakes to where I am SO INVESTED in the lives of these people. Please don’t ever leave me, Rayna and Juliette.


Last year’s best-of playlist

A paid Spotify subscription is one of those luxuries I allow myself so I can listen to whatever I want at work, without the interruption of those damn commercials. I used to bemoan the slow death of eMusic (it used to be so good!) because that’s how I discovered so much new music. On Spotify, I get to see what my friends are listening to, make playlists, get actual decent stuff recommended to me through radio (Pandora sucks in comparison) and click through a huge database to find new jams. While I still have my unlimited data plan (damn you Verizon!) I stream music in the car too, since the interface is nice and easy to read on my phone.

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