Smart ladies love rad music, Beyoncé at the Super Bowl


Beyoncé is pretty much my favorite ever and I am thrilled that she’s going to perform during the Super Bowl halftime, even though I hate everything football (except The League). Here’s my dream set list for that Sunday night. Yes, she will probably play “Single Ladies” and other things instead. I don’t care!


Crazy in Love

It’s her first hit and everyone knows it. Plus it gives Jay-Z a chance to make an appearance. Not his only, if it was up to me.

I Miss You

A Frank Ocean song in front of a billion people? OK!

Upgrade U

Another chance for Jay to perform!


A wink to every hip kid that loves this song.

Losing You

Or just Solange can come out and sing. Whatever.

American Girl

The requisite cover, this one allows Bey to pay tribute to the best Super Bowl halftime show in recent memory.

Potential guest stars

Grizzly Bear (or whatever hip thing Jay & Solange are into)
Frank Ocean
Dave Grohl
ghost of Luther Vandross

Don’t expect them to show up

anyone who was ever in Destiny’s Child

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