Smart ladies love rad music, October 2012 records


Every season I wait patiently for Pitchfork’s Guide to Upcoming Releases, a compendium of all the press releases and information they can gather. This fall’s was was published on Monday, so I wanted to pick out a few things I am looking forward to hearing this month and ask you all if there’s something else we should know about.

A.C. Newman

The New Pornographers were the first band I listened to solely because of Pitchfork, then a tiny music review and news site. Carl Newman’s past two solo records have been pure power pop goodness with dark edges. Shut Down the Streets comes out October 9th but you can listen to the whole thing on Matador’s website.


I picked this band from the list to sample because they’re on Sub Pop and I like their name. I was pleasantly surprised that they sounded like Unwound and not the spacey garage thing that everyone is doing right now. My husband would love this.

Ellie Goulding

What’s a list from me without some UK pop music? Ellie is responsible for a few of my favorite pop songs, her own “Lights,” and  a couple songs from Diana Vickers’ Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree (X Factor UK contestant!). This U.S. release of Halcyon comes out just 4 days after the UK one–that’s how you know an artist can sell more than 2 records in America.

Martha Wainwright

I saw Martha play to a group of 50 strong in a club in Albany in 2005 to support her self-titled record. Since then she has fallen off my radar a bit but I heard a song from Come Home to Mama on NPR and I really missed her voice. I do not like that that album cover, however. Bad font and it reminds me of this.


Waves was one record my husband and I both loved, and just reading about the upcoming Tender New Signs is getting me super excited, even though I hate the word tender. If you like layered vocals, psychedelia and early 90s dream pop you should get this. Plus isn’t the cover absolutely lovely?

Kendrick Lamar

Please watch him on Jimmy Fallon with The Roots. It’s sooooo good. I liked last year’s section.80 a lot and I think good kid, m.A.A.d. City will be another favorite. He’s a part of a collective called Black Hippy, who NPR did a story on a few months ago. I heard it on the way home from work one day and thought, are you talking about the same Black Hippy? It made me so happy.

The Barbaras

Goner found the songs from 2006-2008 recorded on Jay Reatard’s digital recorder. With the help of the band and some magical sound engineers, the songs will finally be released on October 30th. If you like the pop-garage Memphis Goner sound, this is perfect for you. I am so glad I looked them up.

Matthew Friedberger

As a completist of all things Fiery Furnaces-related I will be getting this no matter how weird and cacophonous it is. The description on Thrill Jockey’s website is amazing. I bought his Solos boxset, which I really enjoy: each album was recorded with one instrument only and vocals. Here’s hoping Matricidal Sons of Bitches is just as challenging and rewarding a listen.

I am also looking forward to hearing new music from Tame Impala, Ty Segall (stop releasing things, I can’t keep up!!!), Jason Lytle, Hospitality and so many more this month. Like movies, the end-of-the-year release schedule for records is always the most exciting. Now go to your local record store or online retailer and buy some shit!

So what else should I hear?

All record covers were found on label websites or Wikipedia.