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P.S. Eliot via

About a year ago, I randomly picked up a P.S. Eliot 7″ at my local record store. Through a friend, I discovered they had other releases, including an LP, and the women behind the band-mirror twins Katie and Allison Crutchfield-were also in another band, Bad Banana.

Bad Banana and P.S. Eliot are so different that their member overlap really surprised me. BB is catchy punk rock in the vein of Ted Leo but P.S. Eliot has some twee pop characteristics I’d associate with Slumberland Records.

Allison and Katie were not able to sustain two bands together and decided to go their separate ways, musically. But wait! Each girl has her own project that is very special & distinctive. Lucky for us, there are two new Crutchfield bands releasing records and playing shows.

Allison’s band Swearin’ features rock guitars, big hooks and girl-boy vocals (swoon!). Their record was well-reviewed on Pitchfork this summer. It is amazing and you should buy it.

Katie’s project, Waxahatcha, is just her. I LOVE this record; it reminds me of Aimee of Des Ark or even Discount.

All of their projects (including their first band together The Ackleys), make me think of college and Richmond and seeing shows in punk houses while drinking shitty beer. There are not enough bands like this.


“Sadie,” P.S. Eliot

“Stand Next to Me,” Bad Banana

“Pretty Like a Girl,” Bad Banana

“Grass Stain,” Waxahatchee

“Just,” Swearin’

Buy their stuff

Swearin’s bandcamp

Insound, of course, carries everything.

These ladies are all over the Internet too. Katie on sexism in punk. Katie’s tumblr. On Twitter: Katie and Allison.

I’m always looking for new music, especially if it is local to you, dear reader. Send recommendations my way!