Smart ladies love summer, pop culture plans


You guys, my summer class is over and I have SO MUCH TIME. Or, at least I think I do. I’m sure I will end up spending too many days painting my fucking sunroom and thrifting, but when I’m not doing those things, here are a few bits of pop culture I want to catch up on.



Listen to Yeezus already. I’ve been ignoring everything that’s not Disclosure’s Settle.

Go through the list of Hopscotch bands again and also start to plan my schedule. September will be here before we know it!


Game of Thrones

Finish Game of Thrones.

Magazine stack

Read all the magazines that are piled up all over my house. This is a just few of them on my kitchen table.

Finish all of the books we pick for bookclub. Like, all the way.

I’m thinking about also completing The Hunger Games series but I will probably wait until the next movie comes out.



Finish these series I have recently started on Netflix: Breaking Bad, The Tudors (OMG HENRY CAVILL).

Complete the following seasons: Scandal season 2, Sherlock season 2, The Americans (I know, I know, it’s on the DVR), Veep season 2, Arrested Development season 4 (we just quit, I don’t know why), Hemlock Grove (oh wait… nevermind that one).

Family Tree

Start the following shows: Family Tree, Orphan Black, The Forsyte Saga that I borrowed from Katie (sorry!), Vikings (thanks Katie for reminding me!)…there are a hundred more, but let’s be realistic! I will probably spend too much time watching this:

Ben Zobrist, Maicer Izturis

And I haven’t even mentioned the shows airing in real time this summer, like Big Brother (timesuck) and The Bridge.


Queen of Versailles

Pick one movie on Netflix or HBOGo per week and watch it, regardless of my husband’s current location (I tend to put off things to watch with him, but then all of a sudden he’s not interested, ahem, GAME OF THRONES). I want to him to watch Queen of Versailles with me because I think he’ll love it, but now I’m getting pissed that I haven’t seen it and meanwhile we’ve watched Bad News Bears.

Attempt weekly trips to the movies. I know this is never going to happen since we don’t get a lot of good movies in my town and I am poor, but I will try!

Gob illusion

I understand that this is all an illusion and that I don’t really have all the time that I think I do (God, this is getting really existential, I get like this around my birthday), but if I don’t make lists I don’t have anything to strive for, you know?

What do you want to do now that the weather is warmer?

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