Smart ladies love summer TV


As Melissa revels in paid cable (she finally has HBO, I am so proud) I bring to you the basic cable brilliance of the USA network or a plea for you to watch White Collar Season 4, starting Tuesday, July 10th and Suits which just started Season 2 three weeks ago.

White Collar is set in and filmed in New York (the cinematography makes NYC look amazing).  It stars Matt Bomer (currently in Magic Mike, go see Magic Mike!) and Tim DeKay (who in the show is married to Kelly Kapowski).  Bomer is a con artist, forger, and thief, who was finally caught by the FBI agent played by DeKay.  Because of Bomer’s skill set he is used by the FBI as a consultant instead of prison. It is exactly what a summer show should be adventurous, suspenseful, dramatic and fun.  Willie Garson (Sex in the City’s Stanford) is a stand out as Bomer’s BFF Moz a con artist since childhood who has a severe distrust of authority.  Though there are some story arcs for the most part each episode stands alone so you can start watching this Tuesday and if you like it you can watch the first three seasons on Netflix.

Suits is also set and shot in NYC (again it’s amazing; I would like to know how much USA pays for such lovely b-roll).  It stars Gabriel Macht (FUN FACT: Macht is married to Real World London/Actress Jacinda Barrett) as a high powered attorney and Patrick J. Adams as a regular guy with an eidetic memory Macht hires as an associate attorney.  Though the premise is ridiculous and stretches credulity the writing and acting on this show is phenomenal.  Particular praise goes to Gina Torres (from Firefly and Alias) as the head of the law firm Macht works for and Sarah Rafferty as Macht’s smart, sarcastic, and awesome secretary Donna.  Suits is on Thursday nights at 10 pm and, like most USA shows, it’s mainly stand alone hours with minor narrative arcs so any episode is perfect for first time viewing.  It is not yet on Netflix.

I will definitely be watching USA’s new show Political Animals which premiers this Sunday at 10 pm so be on the look out for my review!

I love Katie for watching these shows for me–she is queen of the USA Network. But she refuses Royal Pains because that crap is terrible. –Melissa



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