Smart ladies love teen shows, Awkward.


Do you like smart, irreverent teen comedies with charming casts, including a kooky guidance counselor and a super foxy TV dad? Then you should be watching MTV’s Awkward. Season 2 started two weeks ago and you have time to catch up, as MTV will rerun the first two episodes to death.

I don’t ever watch MTV, as it is not in the FiOS HD cable channel zone with Bravo and HGTV, but I read this cute interview with Molly Tarlov on Hello Giggles and was smitten. She’s funny on Twitter too and to my surprise, she plays the bitch cheerleader Sadie Saxton and not Jenna Hamilton the weirdly funny and yes, awkward, lead character.

Molly Tarlov, you’re welcome.

Jenna (the lovely Ashley Rickards)  mysteriously receives a nasty letter listing of all her problems (sample advice: Stop being such a pussy), and it sets off a bizarre string of events that leads her to break her arm (seriously the whole sequence is something my clumsy ass would totally do) and have everyone around her, even her mother, think she attempted suicide.

There’s a love triangle: will Jenna pick hunky Matty, who she routinely sleeps with without any after school special-type consequences, or sweet Jake, Matty’s BFF? Jake never figures out Jenna is sleeping with his bestie so I kind of think he’s an idiot but he shows his affection in public, something Matty never does that I guess is very important to teenagers.Jenna has other people in her orbit, including best friend, Tamara, the marching band version of Sam on iCarly; mom Lacey who is more desperate to fit in than her daughter; guidance counselor Valerie, who is a little too involved in the kids’ lives; and yes, a super hot dad (played by Mike Faiola).

Lacey and hot dad Kevin. These characters are my age. I am fucking old.


One of my favorite things about this show is that everyone cusses. Sure, it’s bleeped out but they say fuck and shit just like real teenagers!


In a particularly memorable episode, Lacey redecorates her daughter’s room for her 16th birthday and it looks like what a 16 year old thinks a bordello looks like, complete with odd wall lights, damask bedding and a mirror above the bed. Jenna hates damask, how could you do that to her, Lacey??!!

Jenna and Lacey look into the mirror.

Look, this show isn’t perfect: it has some issues with race (Jenna’s other BFF Ming has stereotypically strict parents, though she herself is pretty interesting), the character motivations are a little cloudy (Jenna and Matty especially), I’m confused why everyone thinks pretty and normal Jenna is an undateable freak, and Sadie is mean all the time. But it’s such a fun show, and all the actors on it are fantastic. Watch it even if you’re the same age as hot dad.

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