Smart ladies love the Emmys, Melissa’s best dressed


I am home from work today so I thought I’d continue the Emmy goodness with my favorite gowns. Katie will post hers tomorrow.

Best Dressed

Note: anyone with a nude lip or terrible hair/makeup were automatically disqualified. I don’t have time for that shit. It means I can’t include Zosia Mamet and that makes me sad but no lipstick and severe ‘do= no. Also, I have weird taste. I know that. That is why this is my best dressed and not yours or Joan Rivers.

Lena Headey

Look, I know you hate this (not the best photo either). But it’s goth and dramatic and fabulous. Last year she was also my favorite (link includes bonus Jon Snow, you’re welcome). As a small complaint, I think her makeup could have been more like January Jones (below).


January Jones

January Jones was not nominated for the Fat Betty season of Mad Men but she still managed to show up and look incredible. Her makeup was awesome, plus I loved her slicked back ponytail (even though there was a piece of it falling out during interviews). I want more Betty on Mad Men next season, dammit.


Lucy Liu

A futuristic metal Versace dress? Yeah, there was no question this would end up on my list. I’m surprised January wasn’t wearing it but maybe she’s been less into tight things since she had the kid. For some reason I got flashbacks to Lucy on Ally McBeal and now I really want to see Elementary. Way to go, CBS.


Kat Dennings

Two Broke Girls is still racist and awful (making fun of hipsters is so Blue States Lose) but Kat looked stunning in this deep red dress. I loved her lipstick, nail polish and crown hair accessory too.


Zooey Deschanel

Zooey made it partially because she looked way better than last year and partially because I think her hair and makeup are flawless. Yes, her Reem Acra gown is beautiful but it also kind of looks like napkins. New Girl returns tomorrow! YAY!!!

Biggest Disappointment

Lena Dunham

I love Girls. I think Lena looks great in casual clothes during interviews. Her new haircut rocks my world. I liked the idea of this dress, but unfortunately, it did not fit her well and it was too voluminous. We have very similar body types and if I can manage to find $5 thrift store dresses that make me look great, she can find one for 100 times that.

All my photos from the Huff Po.


  1. Totally agree on Lena Dunham. I was so excited when I saw her hair and then…womp. If the dress had an awesome belt and hit at the knee, I feel like it could have worked pretty well, but the proportions were just off on her.

    • It was way too much fabric for her. She would look smaller in something slightly more form fitting. I agree; knee or tea-length would have been better. Show a little leg!

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