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Melissa’s first reactions

I know you don’t watch Parks & Rec, Katie, but it not getting a show nom is a travesty. It’s the funniest show on network tv. [I am still shocked HBO got so much love in this category -K]

I don’t watch House of Lies but I want to see Don Cheadle in a suit, so yay for him.

Don Cheadle as Captain Planet

Don Cheadle is even hot when he is Captain Planet (find this on the internet it is the greatest thing ever)

Maya Rudolph deserved a supporting nom for Up All Night but as that category is full of crap like Kathryn Joosten (she will um, not be there to accept the award, so pick someone LIVING) and Mayim Bialik (sooo over Big Bang Theory), getting a one for guest hosting SNL is her consolation. I love you girl! [Maya Rudolph is the best thing on that show but I don’t ever remember it, which makes me sad -K]

I love Max Greenfield (LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and am super happy he was recognized but Jake Johnson is the weird, awkward heart of New Girl. Too many Modern Family people are always crowding this because they have to nominate them all or they fear someone will get pissed (how uncomfortable were those interviews with Ed O’Neill after the first
year? Yikes). Other funny fellas they could have subbed in: Adam Pally or Damon Wayans Jr from Happy Endings, Mike White on Enlightened (don’t get me started on the Laura Dern snub), Nick Offerman, Aziz Ansari, Adam Scott or Chris Pratt on Parks & Rec. [Where was all the Happy Endings love EMMY PEOPLE-K]

Max Greenfield as Officer Leo on Veronica Mars

Officer Leo

And the biggest snub is in the smallest category: Carrie Preston was not nominated for guest starring on The Good Wife as quirky-but-gets-the-job-done lawyer Elizabeth Tascioni. While the equally worthy Martha Plimpton got a nod, Carrie was sadly missing. [I didn’t even see this category but Carrie Preston is a national treasure -K]

True Blood Arlene and Terry

Carrie Preston even makes True Blood watchable

Shows that didn’t get anything but should have: Sons of Anarchy (Katey Sagal over Kathy Bates) and Fringe (John Noble for Brendan Coyle, whose character Bates was annoying on season 2 of Downton Abbey). Justified would be here too but thankfully, Jeremy Davies is in the guest category for playing the delightfully dirty Dickie Bennett. [I stopped wishing for Fringe a long time ago even though I could totally make a case for it as my favorite show-K]

Jeremy Davies as Faraday from Lost


Big congrats all around to Lena Dunham, who got nominations in so many categories: show, acting, directing & writing for Girls. That is HUGE for her.

Maybe Julia Louis Dreyfus will lose to Amy Poehler because that show has too much fucking cussing in it for the more conservative Emmy voters (though they might vote for her on name recognition alone, which, GRRR). [Your love for Amy Poehler knows no bounds-K]

Katie’s first reactions

The New Girl wasn’t nominated for comedy but Girls, Veep were and Curb Your Enthusiasm, WTF!!!  But YAY Big Bang it does always make me laugh out loud. [I am obsessed with Girls so I’m cool with that, but I quit Veep after two eps, even though I love the cussing. Might watch it on demand now. -M]
Are there always 7 ladies in lead actress comedy?  I’m okay with this whole group. [Again, YAY AMY POEHLER! She is my hero. -M]
Don Cheadle is a handsome man and I don’t watch Louie but I love Louis C.K.!!! [Louie is one of the best shows on TV!! You would love it. More boyfriends to see on Emmy night! -M]
MAYIM BIALIK FTW!!!  Kathryn Joosten  got a in memorium nomination, I’m cool with that cause she rocked on The West Wing.  Merritt Weaver is the best thing on Nurse Jackie so that is a great nomination and kind of surprising. [I tweeted about Merritt Weaver! I think she is a great and underrated comedienne so this pleases me greatly. -M]
Ed O’Neil and Max Greenfield!!!
I love Mad Men but I kind of want Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey to kick its ass just for being off the air for so long. [Nope Mad Men was amazing this year! I also liked season 1 of Downton better. I am a killjoy. -M]
LADY MARY CRAWLEY VS. PEGGY OLSON lets hear it for the ladies who were ahead of their time!!! [Lady Mary was another pleasant surprise, especially since you know I think Elizabeth McGovern is awful on Downton. E Moss better win. -M]
Damian Lewis is an amazing actor…I <3 you  Soames Forsyte  (incidentally my hatred of Claire Danes makes it impossible to watch Homeland and I’ve tried…I want to punch her in the face). [I don’t know what that weird thing is but I want to see it now. I also hate Claire Danes. I’m starting Homeland soon, I hope I can finish it without wanting Claire dead. ps I love James McAvoy. -M]

Soames is a mother fucker but you love him anyway!

The Dowager Countess, Anna, Joan, Diane, and Kalinda!!! [This category is really strong. All good nominees! I want to be Christine Baranski when I grow up. -M]
The supporting drama categories are like my favorite people ever.  I’m so happy for all of the Downton Abbey love!!!
SHERLOCK!!! [I have never seen this but due to my crush on Martin Freeman, I will start it soon. -M]

This show is amazing everyone should watch it. Plus you will get to smugly compare it to the Jonny Lee Miller show in the Fall.

Lead actress in a miniseries is also insane!
Idris Elba in a tuxedo…IN A TUXEDO!!!  Benedict Cumberbatch is a terrific actor and his name is awesome but IDRIS ELBA IN A TUXEDO!!! [Seriously so many hot dudes. -M]
Martin Freeman!!!  I love Sherlock so glad it got all of this love 🙂
Betty White is totes going to win for Off Their Rockers!!! [I hope not. -M]

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