Smart ladies love the Olympics


Now that it’s over what do I watch…

The Olympics are my favorite sporting event. It has been from childhood and though I display a heavy amount of snark in my writing you will not find it here regarding the athletes or the Olympics. You will, however, have to deal with my disdain, disbelief, and outright contempt for NBC (lying bastards). The above photo of Russian gymnast Victoria Komova represents how I feel now that they are over and why I love the Olympics so much (no, I don’t want people to lose). It’s how much each athlete feels about the Olympics and how seriously they take them. Victoria will most likely not be returning to the Olympics because four years is a long time for a gymnast. She knows that her shot of winning a gold medal is over. It’s that intense emotion that leads to the Olympic moment sometimes devastating, often pure happiness.

Here are the top moments from the 2012 London Olympics (or more precise all the times the Olympics made me cry).

  • All the American Ladies in the pool. ‘Nough said, the ladies of the pool threw down!!!
  • Ryan Lochte is so dumb and pretty I just want to pet him like a puppy.
  • British men winning bronze in Gymnastics.  Nothing and I mean nothing beats an underdog at the Olympics those men didn’t care that it wasn’t gold, they were just happy to medal (the first for team Great Britain (GB) in 100 years).
  • British men going silver and bronze on the pommel horse.  Not only did they do phenomenal pommel horse routines but Louis Smith and Max Whitlock had to do phenomenal pommel horse routines in front of Kate Middleton.
  • American ladies winning gold in gymnastics, I am still so happy about this.
  • Gaby Douglas winning gold!!!
  • Dan and Elfie beat the shit out of Al Troutwig (oh how I wish this was real).
  • Mo Farrah winning gold in the 10000 meter and 5000 meter. When the Olympics are done well you get really nicely put together videos on athletes, then the event live.  Due to the time difference, NBC had a hard time doing this–in fact, I think this was the only time this worked out perfectly.  We got an excellent “Up Close and Personal” (UC&P) about Farrah, his family and his training and then the live race where he fucking kicked ass! Picture me in my living room screaming at the top of my lungs “Go MO Go!”
  • Jessica Ennis.  Oh how I wish NBC had devoted more time to the heptathlon.  Thankfully I noticed it was going on while searching for information on the women’s 100 meter.  It is because of this that I to really feel the emotion of Ennis’ win.
  • Murielle Ahouré from the Ivory Coast ran track in high school with my friend Erin.  She competed in both the 100 and 200 meter races. Made it to the finals and finished 7th in the 100 meter and 6 in the 200 meter. AMAZING!!!
  • Usain Bolt winning the 100 meter and then the 200 meter.  Usain Bolt is awesome!!!
  • Grenada winning its first medal ever and it’s gold.  Kirani James is not only the only Olympic medalist but he is also a super classy fella.  When Oscar Pistorius did not make it to the finals of the 400 meter, James made a point of swapping his name-tag with Pistorius.  James was honoring a fellow runner and making a point that everyone who can compete should be allowed to compete.
  • Pandelela Pamg of Malaysia won bronze in the Women’s Platform Diving event–this was the first diving medal Malaysia has ever won and she was the country’s flag bearer during the opening ceremonies.
  • All the diving medals for team USA.  David Boudia’s gold medal win in the platform diving event was a lovely ending to the Olympics.
  • Bob Costas and Al Michaels are always classy and always interesting; if only they had been given more to do.

The things I hated about the Olympics

  • NBC, I don’t even know where to begin.  I will just say that they are the reason we can’t have nice things like good Olympic coverage. BOO.
  • The Internet/app which blew.   So even when you tried to watch the games live it took 2 computers and an iPad.  Dear NBC, you are the worst!!!
  • Ryan Seacrest.  I will wait till Idol to talk about my hatred of the Seacrest.  Well I will mention it a million times during the Emmy’s.  He is less douchey than Matt Lauer.
  • Lack of respect for the heptathlon and decathlon, seriously WTF!!!
  • Interviewing losers right after they lost, so AWKWARD.

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