Smart ladies love their cats


After years of wanting a dog and finally deciding my husband and I are not available enough to take care of it (grad school student + rock star photographer = too busy), we adopted a cat. Our friend had some strays under her shed (a momma cat and her babies) and she posted photos of the momma, who is less than a year old, on Facebook for weeks and kept tagging us until we acquiesced and took the kitty after she was fixed.

So here’s Gemma, named of course after Katey Sagal’s badass biker momma on Sons of Anarchy.

I love her so much. She enjoys watching TV as much as I do so she’s there on my lap when I catch up on Hart of Dixie and Nashville every week.

The best part about owning a cat is buying stuff. I spend hours looking at food bowls, placemats, litter boxes, toys and all kinds of other accessories. I thrifted this sparkly bowl set recently:

I’m sure it’s just the beginning.

Now, as any good cat lady does, I’m spending my time looking for my own cat accessories to wear. My grandmother had a whole collection of cat earrings, so I’m good there, but I now want brooches. Hundreds of them.

I love cat cloisonnee pins from Laurel Burch. Obsessed maybe is a better word. I first read about them on my favorite estate sale blog, Dig This Treasure! Once they found a brooch and then a bunch of earrings.


Etsy is a treasure trove of these Laurel Brooch pins. This one is $25. And I want it. Bad. Or this one. Please, Christmas is coming.

But then I had to search “cat brooch” in the vintage section on Etsy and found so much more (I don’t like eBay except Buy it Now as bidding is too stressful).

Oh why are you $64? Sadface.

My love of the ones without eyes is creepy, right?

This cute orange kitty is only $8! A steal, my friends.

I would wear this black and gold cat all the time! My favorite part of the listing is the title: Vintage 80s Black Cat Brooch w/ White Diamond Stone Eyes (not real diamonds). I sold vintage on Etsy for a while and it’s surprisingly difficult to come up with those titles!

There’s also an astonishing number of cat brooches featuring kitties playing with yarn or attacking goldfish bowls. I am not into those.

So if you’re looking to get me a gift this holiday season, look no further than “things inspired by my cat.”

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