Smart ladies love thrifting


I am a compulsive thrifter. I go several times a week. When I travel, thrift stores are either #1 or #2 on my list of places to visit (after record stores). Sometimes I come across super hilarious pop culture related items that I never buy because they are not studio pottery from the 70s or tchotchkes covered in bunnies. Here are a few of my favorite finds.

Sister Wives dresses. I especially love that the Goodwill put the fake ivy on the rack to entice people to buy these shapeless sacks.

I am so excited for the Olympics, aren’t you? Katie and I love the gymnastics. My favorite is the floor routine. If Katie is not in a car driving back home from halfway across the country we will liveblog the opening ceremony on this site! If she’s not back, watch out Twitter, because I am going to drink a whole bottle of wine alone and comment on every outfit.

Johnny Mathis in a classic of mid century design, the butterfly chair!! I’m certain this record is unlistenable (though I do love Johnny’s Christmas LP) but wouldn’t it look great framed in a bathroom or something?

My husband was sad I didn’t buy this organ but it was child-sized. If we had kids we would make them be in a band with us a la The Partridge Family and we would sing Destroyer and Janelle Monae songs. Actually that would be AMAZING.

This store had so many comics based on TV shows spread on the counter and the cute chubby boy at the register knew all about them so I think he donated them. Obviously my boyfriend Walton Goggins is on the cover of this so I had to have a photo but I bought a giant circular brown and cream macrame wall hanging instead. There may be a photo of the wall hanging on our Tumblr.

I really wish I had bought this. At $1.25 it was a goddamn steal.