Smart ladies love thrifting, creepy dolls and other finds


Even when the weather is warm and sunny, I would rather be in an air conditioned box AKA thrift store sorting through stinky old records and piles of horror-inducing baby dolls than drinking lemonade on my porch (there are too many bugs out there). Here is a sampling of the wonders I have found in the past few months. I post things on my Instagram but many of these photos I’ve been saving especially for you all!

Creepy Dolls

Holy shit, there are a lot of these at the thrifts.

Thrifting 2013 22

Buster Brown’s eyes look like they were drawn on with white out.

Thrifting 2013 1

Speaking of fucked up eyes…

Thrifting 2013 13

I think the bathtub one is my favorite.

Thrifting 2013 16

Why does this child have a mustache?

Thrifting 2013 27

A whole box of rando doll parts! Just what I always wanted!

Thrifting 2013 19

The one with the glasses is oddly adorable.


Mug Shots

This section is for my husband, who thinks he should have a tumblr dedicated to thrift store mugs called Mug Shots. Sadly, that name is already taken but it doesn’t stop him from bringing it up every time we go thrifting.

Thrifting 2013 18

You’re reading that right: the root beer mug was marked $100.

Thrifting 2013 4

I appreciate the 70s-ness of this gem.

Thrifting 2013 2

Is this to put dentures in because I certainly wouldn’t drink coffee from it.

Thrifting 2013 17

I think this is a cultural stereotype I do not understand even though I am 25% Norwegian.

Thrifting 2013 10

Fuckin’ A.


Sometimes I just don’t even know.

Private Lives

Katie and I both had eyes for this weird poster.

Thrifting 2013 9

I had no idea there were Grey’s scrubs and now I feel gross even knowing that information. Can we talk about how shitty One for the Money was?

Thrifting 2013 25

Jekyll and Hyde was a gothic-themed restaurant in Manhattan that looked just like this mug. There were animatronic props, according to the Wikipedia page so I probably would have hated it due to my fear of talking animals.

Thrifting 2013 8

I’m not sure why I didn’t buy this.

Thrifting 2013 24

I mean, I am obsessed with my cat, but not this obsessed with her.

Thrifting 2013 15

I think about this all the time. Why AREN’T I rich?

Stuff I Regret Not Buying

Thrifting 2013 28

These didn’t have price tags on them and I am thankful because I pretend they are $10,000 to keep me from crying myself to sleep every night.

Thrifting 2013 11

I really don’t need any more strange lady paintings (I have four) but they remind me of Emily Henderson and The Brick House and make me happy. She was under $5! {{SOBS!}}

Thrifting 2013 21

I’m sure these cost more than I wanted to spend but they’re so pretty.

Thrifting 2013 23

I almost bought this but I don’t have a screen door and therefore have no reason to prop open my front door.

Thrifting 2013 29

I have 25 plates that are just sitting in my dining room cabinet but what’s one more, especially a cute literary plate?

Thrifting 2013 12

I don’t even use my new blowdryer but that didn’t stop me from coveting this cute vintage one!

Thrifting 2013 7

I am SO sad about this plaque. It would look so cute in my office even though I work in HR and not a library.

Thrifting 2013 20

Lambchop is the effing coolest puppet ever.

Thrifting 2013 26

I thought about getting this and stamping contracts with “Peanut B. Fudge” instead of “Received” but then I realized I don’t use that stamp either.

Thrifting lamp

This was a WTF until yesterday when I suddenly became depressed that I didn’t buy this $45 yellow potato face lamp.

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