Smart ladies love thrifting


In an attempt create another semi-regular feature here on SLLS, I thought I’d post more of my thrift store finds, but split them into categories this time.

Things no one wants

Say no to these wedding dresses, amirite? But seriously every wedding dress I’ve ever seen at a thrift store as been hideous and gross.

Unused voodoo dolls are so sad.

These are the ugliest vases I have ever seen in my entire life, and I have seen tons of Haegar vases and other crap that I am not into at all.

What is Tiffany from? Does anyone know?? It has to be a movie or TV show.

I was very offended that Goodwill wanted $3.25 for this. If it was $1.25 it would have gone home with me to be given to PJs family in our holiday stocking exchange.

I loved this Penny Hardaway plaque but not enough to spend actual money on it or put it anywhere in my house. Basically I just think it’s hilarious that the little consignment store by my house, where I get tons of vintage pottery, had this for sale.

This was technically from the country craft part of an antiques store, but I wanted to include it because it just makes me think of like, rickrolling and lolcats.


Things I regret not buying for myself

This guy wants to sell you some watches…

But wait! there’s more!

It’s a necklace holder! I think this would look fantastic in my bathroom.

When I  posted this on Instagram, everyone commented that they thought it said “big hag.” I don’t care what it says, I still think about this bag and it’s cool 70s lettering.

Where would I put this giant set of horns in my house with short 1970s ceilings? I don’t know but I still think I need it. I am crazy.

This is the second time I’ve passed up one of these. I love the idea of phrenology, which is a pseudoscience that studies the different functions of the brain, geographically. It’s very interesting. Anyway, it’s also the name of a Roots record so this would be perfect for the record room!

What have you been up to, Linda Fiorentino? Remember when you were a thing and everyone was obsessed with you? I wonder if people still think she deserved an Oscar.

Oh nautical knots sampler, I miss you most of all. This was about $10, and therefore $4 too much for me, so I passed on it and I regret it to this day.

Things I regret not buying for Katie

We love Canada so much! Plus the logo and lettering are really neat and 60s.

I certainly wouldn’t spend $15 on these skaters but I can see them on Katie’s movie shelf saying “Heyyyy! Come join us!!!” and then I flick them off because I don’t know how to skate.

The greatest thing I have ever found and failed to purchase

This was only $1.25, the Goodwill mug price. I talked myself out of it because I have too many mugs. But I have never seen a mug this hilarious before. EVER. 80s font + mention of 80s TV hunk = mug of my dreams. I hope you are in a better place now and not on Etsy for $20.

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