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I’m sorry, Homeland.

I’m sorry for ignoring my friends’ pleas and not watching you.

I’m sorry for letting my Katie’s feelings about Claire Danes get in the way.

If I could change my Emmy picks I would substitute Claire for E. Moss. She has this in the bag.

I love political thrillers, women with mental problems who are obsessed with jazz, Damian Lewis, shows set in DC that are obviously filmed somewhere else (in this case, Charlotte), and Mandy Patinkin (especially his cute beard). I think this show was created with me in mind.

I don’t know why Morena Baccarin always looks like she’s sucking a lemon but she’s pretty so I will forgive that casting. Also I hate her children as they’re getting in the way of Brody and Carrie’s fucked up, but super fascinating, relationship.

The other night I was watching the penultimate episode of season one and texted K: “Farragut Square” in this episode of Homeland looked like an office park. It’s so obvious that this was filmed in Charlotte. You would laugh so hard at this shit. Seriously she would have so much fun picking out all the inaccuracies (a gay bathhouse in DuPont Circle? The Brody’s neighborhood is nowhere near the road Brody escaped to–thanks Google Maps). I am so sad she has let her hatred of Claire and terrorism (we all hate terrorism, Kate) prevent her from watching Homeland.

[I should clarify that  I hate shows that talk about terrorism, I also work on a project where we talk about safety and security ALL THE TIME, and lastly live in an area where a terrorist attack can happen…it’s best for my anxiety that I  don’t watch Claire Danes try to save the world even if she is an amazing actress (seriously why can’t she suck).  OHHHH I am watching Son’s of Anarchy so I’m trying to diversify from the USA network and HBO 🙂 – K]

Homeland returns to Showtime on Sunday, September 30th.


  1. I am so glad to find someone besides myself that hate’s Claire Danes.

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