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So you’re sitting at home depressed that White Collar is over til fall, that Bunheads ended its first season (it better come back for a second season), Justified is winding down and Game of Thrones doesn’t start until the end of MARCH.  Do you know what you should watch? You should watch LUTHER!

Here are the five reasons you should watch Luther

1.  This trailer

Like a good trailer, it sucks you in but is only centered on Luther the character and doesn’t give much about the show away.  It does let you know that Luther is a police officer who is a little unhinged.

2. Idris Elba is a terrific actor who is also HOT

Idris Elba as John Luther

Elba is a former hot dude of the week but more importantly, he is a really really good actor. He is the best thing in Prometheus, Heimdall in Thor and Stringer Bell in The Wire. He might also take over as Bond when Daniel Craig relinquishes the part. [Shout out to Idris Elba on The Office where all the ladies were in love with him. He’s funny too! -M]

3. It’s probably not as depressing as The Wire

Stringer Bell the Wire Idris Elba

It’s confession time–neither Melissa nor I, who love TV, have watched The Wire. We talk about doing it this summer but by then we will remember that it is depressing and that you can watch other things staring the people in The Wire like Treme, The Good Wife or Luther these shows don’t look as soul crushingly bleak as The Wire. [I watched the first season of The Wire when it premiered but all I remember Lucinda Williams’ “2 Kool 2 Be 4-gotten” playing in one scene. I’ll watch it one day, I swear! -M]

4. Ruth Wilson as Alice

Alice Morgan Luther Ruth Wilson

I can’t tell you anything about Alice cause that would ruin Luther. Ruth Wilson is a terrific actor who played the best version of Jane Eyre on TV (seriously if you are into literary adaptations the Jane Eyre with her and Toby Stevens is AMAZING).

5. It’s British


The British make the best police dramas, Prime Suspect and Sherlock are the two excellent examples.  British shows run for much shorter seasons, so though there have been two seasons, it’s only ten episodes.  You can do that in a weekend or a few evenings!

But don’t forget that Idris Elba is a great actor and really fucking hot.  Also once you watch it let’s discuss how much we all love Alice!!!


Look, he is hot even when he gets beat up.

Luther is on Netflix Watch it Now and free to Amazon Prime Members.

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