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Please watch Nashville

The ratings for Nashville, my favorite show of the new season, aren’t looking too good. This show deserves to be a network drama hit a la The Good Wife & Revenge. It’s really easy to catch up: ABC has a great on demand channel and app. It’s on at Wednesdays at 10pm EST.

Here are some wonderful things about Nashville:

ScarGun during their first performance.

  • The music. Gunnar and Scarlett (my faves) perform dark songs together like The Civil Wars’ “I Should Have Known Better” (get the original version free). Hayden Panettiere’s Juliette Barnes, who resembles a trampier Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood (but with a meth-addicted mother), has a string of catchy pop-country songs. Rayna Jaymes (the perfection that is Connie Britton, who I have loved since The Brothers McMullen) is a Faith Hill-esque middle-aged country sensation. Connie doesn’t have the best voice but she is a charming performer.
  • Every episode title is named after a Hank Williams song. I mean, that is so freaking cool.

I love these girls!

  • Rayna & Teddy’s daughters are totally awesome. This recent batch of rad TV daughters makes me want kids, but only if they’re like this. They are obsessed with Juliette’s music, which drives their mom nuts, and they even sang one of her songs at the school talent show. Y’all, they can sing

Be nice, Rayna!

  • A lot of the campaign shit is super boring but I love to see Rayna act all uncomfortable around snotty political wives. [They need to hire Eli Gold…more Alan Cumming on TV! -K]
  • The city looks super cute and now I want to move there. Maybe I can be BFFs with Jack White & the rest of Third Man Records (buy this, it’s really good).

Nice try changing your name so we won’t remember Whose Line.

  • Deacon AKA Charles Esten used to be Chip Esten from Who’s Line is it Anyways?. Unfortunately, he has not been able to use his excellent improv skills on the show but maybe Deacon will have a side job as a comedian? [He is also way hotter than her husband and yet also looks a lot like her husband, I’m already shipping Rayna and Deacon! -K]

Hey, you fabulous old man.

  • Powers Boothe is a fucking badass. He is Rayna’s dad Lamar Wyatt, a powerful businessman (I know, so generic) who controls the city and is having Teddy run for mayor as his pawn. Teddy is kind of a pussy, especially compared to Lamar.

Juliette films a music video!

  • It’s fun to hate Hayden! She wears tight dresses and has a bad weave and is trying to steal Deacon away from Rayna (the two have a rather complicated past and he might be the father of one of her kids). She can actually sing, too, which is refreshing.

I am totally calling them ScarGun forever.

  • I am fully committed to this Gunnar/Scarlett/Avery love triangle. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I see myself as relating more to these crazy kids, even though I’m like 10 years older than them. Scarlett’s boyfriend Avery is a wannabe Ryan Adams and he’s also kind of a dick, while Gunnar is sweet and caring and everything you want in a boyfriend that you will dump in two weeks. [Fun Fact: Avery is played by Jonathan Jackson AKA Lucky Spencer and I hope he will finally get the big break he has wanted! -K]

There’s a new episode on tonight–why don’t you DVR it and catch up on the first three episodes this week?

Hey ABC! Why don’t you switch Nashville for 666 Park Ave? It would make an amazing companion to Revenge. Plus, The Neighbors got a full season pick up and we should all be livid and protesting you but are choosing not to because we love Happy Endings.

All photos are from the ABC website.