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The Amazing Race the greatest reality show EVER…

The Amazing Race (TAR) is my favorite reality show (don’t be sad Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and House Hunters).  There are lots of reasons but I have pinpointed the three most important reasons why it’s the best.

It’s a race instead of judged competition

TAR Season 21 cast in Indonesia

The current cast lined up for a task in Indonesia

“The last team to the map may be eliminated,” so says Phil Keoghan (hot host from New Zealand) during the last leg of each episode.  Each team must complete two tasks one is a “Detour,” a choice between two tasks, and the other is a “Roadblock,” a task that only one member of the team must do (each team member must do at least 5, this had to be changed when a team won mainly because one team member did every single roadblock).  There are variations but those are the basic rules.  You get to the mat first you win a prize you get to the mat last you lose, easy peasy.  It’s simple, streamlined, no voting, no listening to famous people bather stupid ass shit (I’m looking at you Randy Jackson), the only people you get to hate are the contestants themselves.

The contestants are for the most part “real”

Every Fall and Spring I get very excited about the cast reveal for the new season of TAR.  Because of the nature of the show, the first episode is very confusing so I like to pick out the teams I’m going to root for based on their bios and team description.  I favor interesting teams with great descriptions “Bowling moms”, “Clowns”, “Monster truck drivers”, etc (I miss the Bowling Moms they were the best).  I do not appreciate teams where the description is “dating”, the only benefit to those teams are the prevalence of “Crazy Eyes” in the dudes (I have started trying to pin point the dude who suffers most from crazy eye now in bios it makes watching the first show even more fun…where are you crazy dude who will yell “babe” in a way that sounds like swearing OR using the word “rapido” in any country regardless of actual language spoken there).  Every reality competition has to have a villain and usually “crazy eyed dude” hits just that spot. [True story: I started calling my husband “babe” just to make fun of the dudes on TAR and now I can’t stop. -M]

A great thing about the race is that even though teams form alliances and try to strategize (strategery!) most of the time there relationships and outside factors prove to be the harbingers of doom.  This makes the race dramatic and hilarious.  I don’t know how many time I’ve heard some team or the other talking about how their way of playing the game is SOOOOOO FANTASTIC and then they come in last because every cab they got in got lost.  OH THE CURSE OF THE CABBIE!  OR some idiot talks about how great he is at one thing and then he has to do said thing and he sucks (this always happens to gentlemen who suffer “Crazy Eyed Syndrome”).

Terence and Sarah TAR season 13

Terence had “Crazy Eye” bad

A dynamic that seems to do well is siblings who are used to squabbling with each other.  They seem the best at ignoring their partner after years of experience.  My very quick and probably not entirely accurate count says that siblings have won 4 times and I seem to recall that siblings often come close to being in the top 3 (I’m too lazy to look this up…seriously why does Wikipedia NOT have better statistics).  Friends also do well and people with a good marriage.  Those who do not do well are relationships that have any issue (last Springs winners Rachel and Dave had kind of a shaky relationship but Rachel was really smart so they were winners).  I don’t think the parent/child relationship has ever won which is sad cause I watch the race every week with my mom.

Like most reality shows it’s better watching with someone

I hate watching TAR alone.  In fact I don’t if I have to I’ll DVR it and then watch who loses.  Most of the fun of the race is the running commentary one does while watching it (this also improves House Hunters and X Factor and really most reality shows).

Bonus Video

I’m only including this because Brooke and Claire ended up finishing 2nd of Season 17.  The 17th race saw the first all female team win and it was a total bonus that Brooke and Claire came in second especially because Thomas who finished 3rd was the king of the Crazy Eye…

 *Pictures from Wikipedia, CBS and BuddyTV

[I love TAR. However, there are so many contestants I forget when the show is over. I remember so few of them–Kynt and Vyxsin, the Globetrotters and my two favorite teams of all time, Danny and Oswalt (season 2 & all stars) and Mike and Mel (season 14 and another all stars). Mike is Mike White, creator of Enlightened and ten other things I love. We have the same birthday. I think we might be secret BFFs. Sorry Katie. -M]

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