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These are the actors we all wish were in everything

The actors who are totally too good for True Blood

Nelsan Ellis, Carrie Preston, and Alexander Skarsgard in True Blood

Oh True Blood, you gloriously bad show (bad, but never boring which is why I will always watch it), you crazy ass show which sucks in a lot of talent and that either rise to the challenge of the ridiculous dialog and plotting or fall by the wayside (poor Scott Foley was not meant for Bon Temps).  There are only THREE regulars on the show that continually amuse me and RISE beyond the material they are given because of there inability to be bad (sorry Ryan Kwanten, Todd Lowe and Joe Mangienello but sometimes the things they make you do are NOT good acting choices for any of you, watch Nelsan, Carrie, and Alex act above the shit —it’s POSSIBLE).

Nelsan Ellis is hilarious, soulful, and the voice of fucking reason as Lafayette Reynolds —and True Blood always needs reason.  Nelsan will be on season six of True Blood coming this June —thank Christ— and playing Martin Luther King Jr. in Lee Daniels new movie The Butler —starring Oprah! [I’m already planning a trip to visit K so we can watch The Butler together. No one else will appreciate it. -M]

Carrie Preston* is amazing in everything she does whether it be Arlene in True Blood or Elsbeth Tascioni on The Good Wife.  I also hope she never leaves True Blood because an Arlene-free True Blood would make me sad. [I want her to be on a show with her husband Michael Emerson. He can leave Person of Interest and they can work for a TV version of Gawker. THE IDEAS, I can’t stop them! -M]

Alexander Skarsgård is my Swedish boyfriend (Joel Kinnamen you disappoint me).  Skarsgård will be in a ton of indie movies this year (including The East costarring SLLS spirit animal Ellen Page) AND was in Battleship (aka the sinking of Tim Riggins movie career) which premieres Saturday on HBO.  He has yet to have a break out role in films like he had on TV with Generation Kill (if you haven’t seen that then seriously stop reading this and go watch that and then come back and finish this list cause you might learn about more wonderful things).

The actors who should run away, far away from glee

Glee stars Diana Agron and Amber Riley

I hear this has gotten somewhat better, but after last season Fox would have to pay me to watch Glee again.  There is a lot of talent on Glee but only a handful get their share of the credit.  Two of the reasons I had to stop watching was the continued misuse of Quinn and Mercedes, two of my FAVORITE Gleeks.

Dianna Agron played Quinn Fabray, cheerleader, teen mom, and mean girl, though Agron always made Quinn more than just an archetype.  Agron has an awesome website you, me & charlie and has her own AWESOME tumblr.  Currently her IMDB says she has a small part in the Luc Besson film Malavita and then NOTHING —is this Ryan Murphy’s doing?—I hope she is in more in the future and not retreating to focus on her website (Zooey Deschanel does both!). [I love Dianna’s style and she’s into photography and music. She is one of us. Someone hire her. -M]

Amber Riley plays Mercedes, a belter that has often been a voice of reason on Glee especially against Shue (WHO IS THE WORST).  It does not appear that Amber Riley has been in anything but Glee.  This needs to stop she is the whole package people, funny, dramatic and she can fucking sing. Put this girl on Broadway! Do something! Don’t let Ryan Murphy steal her soul!

The actors who have had failed TV shows or are in failing TV shows

Stars of Failed or Failing Shows: Alison Brie, Lizzy Caplan, Michael Ealy, Judy Greer

Alison Brie is good as Annie on Community but she is AWESOME on Mad Men AND she was great in The Five Year Engagement.  I hope she gets to star in something of her own instead of playing the sassy best friend (same goes for Lizzy Caplan and Judy Greer who I will talk about shortly).

Lizzy Caplan is a great comedian and she deserves a really fucking good show that gets out of pilot season because every year my heart is broken —I do have HIGH HOPES for the new show Masters of Sex on Showtime coming in September about 1950s sex researchers.  My loyalty is real, I was the one person who watched The Class. [Nope, I watched it too! Everyone on it is now famous! -M] Because I held off publishing this for a day you get this bonus video making fun of those fashion videos that star up and coming starlets.

Michael Ealy* was on the USA show Common Law this summer, did you know that? NO! Of course you didn’t it was on USA and it was actually cancelled (for a show to be cancelled on USA it has to be terrible —Royal Pains is in like season 28).  He was also awesomely scary/skeevy as Derek Bond on The Good Wife and Michael Ealy is not the type of guy to be skeevy but that is how good of an actor he is —bonus, he is fucking dreamy!

Judy Greer should play Alicia and Kalinda’s new best friend on The Good Wife, best fucking idea I have had all day. [We are so full of ideas!! Plus this is genius. Can it somehow involve Titus Welliver coming back? -M] Judy Greer deserves more than she gets, she does everything in her power to make every part she plays amazing.  People, if someone gives Judy Greer another show I demand that you all watch it!

TV actors who should be in every movie

Walton Goggins, Jasika Nicole and John Noble

Walton Goggins is beloved as Boyd Crowder by SLLS and by everyone.  We have talked about how he deserves awards and about how excited we were for Justified season four and about his ability to wear a pea coat or blazer type sweater but we should also state that we would like Walton Goggins from now on to be in everything. [This Fresh Air interview with Goggins is what made me start Justified when it was rerun sometime last year.  I loved when he talked about developing Boyd as a character.-M]

Jasika Nicole and John Noble’s chemistry (friendship not sexual) was one of the best things about Fringe (might be the greatest sci-fi show ever on TV but I will have to re-watch The X Files to make a final definitive statement).  Now that Fringe is over I want both of them to get a new TV show AND be in every movie.  According to IMDB neither of them are doing much of anything so they are available Hollywood!  To keep up with Jasika I advise following her on tumblr cause she is seriously an awesome lady! AHHHHHH I just learned Noble will be on The Good Wife —FUCK YES!  Also wouldn’t Jasika be an excellent love interest for Kalinda?!? [Jasika is also one of us! She’s really artsy and smart. I kind of want to see her on Veep so she can cuss a lot. Wouldn’t that be fun? -M]

The character actors on The Good Wife that should be in everything else

Still from The Good Wife featuring: Anna Camp, Mamie Gummer, Elizabeth Reaser, and Tim Guinee

Everyone on The Good Wife is a genius this is a universal truth (though sadly because of football and HBO I haven’t watched it since the middle of last season but I have high hopes this summer for catching up on Amazon).

Anna Camp has also appeared on True Blood, Mad Men, AND The Mindy Project.  She was great as the sex starved wife of an anti-vampire televangelist in season two of True Blood and as the “replacement Betty” for Don Draper on Mad Men before he started sleeping with then marrying his secretaries.  She is currently being under used on The Mindy Project (I’ll give the show credit, though, for down grading her status so that she can participate in pilot season).  Camp’s character on The Good Wife at first looked like the show was going to use her as a stereotypical up and coming schemer archetype to fuck with Alicia but of course the show made her a competent, well rounded and three dimensional character who was not out to usurp Alicia.

Tim Guinee was in Sweet Land with both Alan Cumming and Elizabeth Reaser that is currently on Netflix and I HIGHLY recommend watching it. His character Andrew Wiley on The Good Wife is also hilarious.  Wiley is an investigator Cary used when he worked for the states attorneys office, like Kalinda and some might say just as competent but COMPLETELY different in personality and temperament.

Mamie Gummer on The Good Wife is my favorite Alicia foil.  That show she is on The CW is/was terrible (I thought it was cancelled but it’s still on) and I will not bring it up again.

Elizabeth Reaser is better than Twilight.  Go to Netflix and watch Sweet Land.  I also loved her show on CBS The Ex List–it’s okay if you don’t remember it, as I might have been the only one in America to watch it. [For someone who watched every episode of Miss Match and Samantha Who? I am surprised I never heard of The Ex List. -M]

[I would add Denis O’Hare and Dylan Baker to this list but they will probably be in bit parts until their careers end. -M]

Who should be the NEW famous British imports

Idris Elba, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Romola Garai, and Ben Whishaw

Idris Elba, I promise that along with catching up on The Good Wife, watching all of Parks & Rec AND watching the last season of Deadwood, I will FINALLY watch Luther AND I might possibly watch The Wire (but you better be worth it cause that show looks sad and depressing).  I am super stoked for Pacific Rim.  You were also the only character in Prometheus that I didn’t hate.

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg star in Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul, soon in The World’s End and I’m sure other stuff I have forgotten like Tin Tin —it just came to me!  I beg of you to watch this stuff either before or after you watch Generation Kill and Sweet Land. OHHHHHH if I were you I would watch Generation Kill then Spaced I feel like this would be an excellent long weekend or staycation double feature —you’re welcome!

Romola Garai and Ben Whishaw star in The Hour on BBC America, it is set in the late 50s and is very good.  They have also done excellent work by themselves, for Garai I recommend Emma and I Capture the Castle and for Whishaw I recommend Bright Star and Skyfall (RAWR DANIEL CRAIG).

The next generation of leading men

Future Leading Men: Garrett Hedlund, Michael B. Jordan, and Romany Malco

Garrett Hedlund is the official SLLS boyfriend.  We fell hard for him in Country Strong —BULL TRUE!— and then continued to fall when he walked in the Prada menswear show —FOXY.  Fun Facts: he was in the movie version of Friday Night Lights and I think he might have been the love interest to Lindsey Lohan in Georgia Rule (you win some, you lose some).  See him next in Inside Llewyn Davis.  AND on tumblr they want him to play Han Solo (whoever came up with that is a fucking genius since I fell in love with Harrison Ford as Han Solo at the age of three)!

Michael B. Jordan was Vince on the TV version of Friday Night Lights!  He was also on Parenthood! He just won an award at Sundance for his new movie that sounds uber depressing, Fruitville!  He was in The Wire! Imagine I am excitedly shouting this to you as this is what I’m doing in my head as I type this!

Romany Malco* was the best fucking thing on Weeds and when he was not on Weeds that show became shit because poor Justin Kirk (who totally could have also been included on this list except for that awful Animal Hospital show he was on earlier in the year) just couldn’t carry that show all by himself when Nancy Botwan became the worst person in the world.  Wow sorry I did not mean to go on a rant, anyway, Romany Malco is amazing in Think Like a Man, a romantic comedy based on a Steve Harvey self help book that is WAY better than I just described it.  [We saw it opening weekend. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which I enjoy. Also I fell for Romany in The 40 Year Old Virgin. SO CUTE. -M] Fun fact:  Michael Ealy was also in Think Like a Man and also on The Good Wife!  Bonus gif of Romany and badass Diane Lockhart!


And finally the bestest Wilson brother


Andrew Wilson, AKA the hot Wilson, is the best Wilson.  He is at his best in Whip It another fine movie starring Ellen Page (you should add that into your long weekend/staycation play list with all the other recommendations I have given you). Bonus gif of his awesomeness in action in Whip It.


*They were also on The Good Wife

Images from True Blood are from there official Facebook page.

Images from Glee are from Fox.

Alison Brie promo photo from NBC’s Community, Lizzy Caplan promo photo from Starz’ Party Down, Michael Ealy  promo photo from USA’s Common Law, and Judy Greer promo photo from Miss Guided (I think it was on ABC?). 

Walton Goggins photo from the FX website and both Jasika Nicole and John Noble images from the Fox website.

All image from the Good Wife came from the Good Wife. 

The rest of the photos are from the internet and tumblr.  

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