Smart ladies love voting




Just a few of our favorite politicians from both parties…and George Clooney 😉

Tonight I’m going out with my girlfriends but I will probably nervously rush home to watch some Rachel Maddow election coverage. [I was going to watch Heart of Dixie and election coverage, but Heart of Dixie isn’t on! I could watch Arrow but aren’t I already doing my part watching Beauty and the Beast? I can’t watch election coverage all night I’ll go crazy…hmm…I bet I will be able to find something on HBO! -K]

We don’t really care who you vote for (though we are voting for the one who is good with babies), but it is your civic duty to get your cute little tooches (OMG is Tyra going to sue me for using this word?) out there and vote.

My husband snapped some photos of our election excitement (we got up at 5:30!!) and posted them here.

Katie voted!!

I tried to add a photo of my sticker but my top is a little boobalicious today. Sorry, America.

*All photos are from around the internet mad props to Jezebel for the Clinton/Booker 2016 campaign image.

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