Smart ladies love YouTubers, part 1


YouTubers and How I Waste Most of My Time on the Internet

Tyler Grace Mamrie Hannah

Believe it or not, there are things on YouTube besides cracked out cats and “epic fail” montages. In my constant quest to entertain myself during the most asinine tasks (like sitting in traffic and cooking vegetables), I watch a lot concert footage from bands I like, British TV shows (The Big Reunion comes highly recommended), and interviews with some of my favorite actors or bands.  Because I’m also a bit nosey I also watch several vloggers.  They’re like the reality TV show stars of YouTube and who doesn’t love reality TV?

Vloggers are typically considered people who simply capture their life on camera.  Much like a blogger, they share their life with the Internet, only with a video instead of words.  There are so many different types of videos that people make and upload to YouTube, some of which aren’t necessarily vlogs.  Someone somewhere started using “YouTuber” as an umbrella term to capture vloggers and all of their fellow video uploaders.  Here are some of the videos that I have come across so far that are done by YouTubers:

In case you were wondering how these people have so much time to create videos for people to watch, you should know that many of them are being paid to do this as a career.  Like they’ve managed to make this their main form of income.

Apparently they are not allowed to discuss their income in definitive terms, but the New York Times estimates that someone like Jenna Mourey (aka Jenna Marbles) is earning well into six digits.  You will see some of these YouTubers talk about going to business meetings, having managers, and getting personal assistants if you’re Jenna.  As much of an Internet sleuth as I am, I have yet to figure out what they are discussing at business meetings and need these other people for.  It certainly appears there is a lot going on to make what they do happen, which is only make Internet videos as far as I can tell (and Lowes commercials if you’re Grace Helbig).  It also certainly appears that I have taken the wrong path to pay off my grad school loans.

jenna marbles

These vloggers/YouTubers are a collection some of the most recognizable and some of my favorites.  You should know that the average vlogger viewer is a teenage girl who lives in a world of YouTube, Tumblr, fanfiction, Photoshop, and Twitter fan accounts for these people.  Should you ever venture down into a blackhole in the YouTube comments or Tumblr tags you will either be very worried for the next generations or be very glad you did not have the Internet to lay all of your 15 year old hormones out on.

Chris Kendall (aka Crabstickz) provides a disturbing example of the YouTube fangirl life.  While I’ve never seen this in person, Tumblr leads me to believe it’s a pretty accurate portrayal.

Should you be befuddled by some of the acronyms or language you come across, Dan Howell (aka DanIsNotOnFire) made a video with Jack and Finn Harries (aka JacksGap) to help you make sense of this nonsense which will then make you wonder why 15 year olds are saying these things.  (This video has over four million views which I’m going to go ahead and call a demonstration of the positive correlation between views and cute boys with accents.)

I have tried to link as many different videos as possible for each of these YouTubers, so should you find some time you need to fill be sure to have a gander through and do a little bit of YouTube stalking.

Ladies of YouTube (aka Day Drinkers)

Mamrie Hannah Grace

First up is my list of ladies.  Most of the women on YouTube are beauty gurus, which I am certainly addicted to (they just have so many pretty MAC lipsticks).  The lady ‘Tubers I find most entertaining, though, are the ones that fully embrace drinking tequila during their videos and love a good laugh.

Hannah Hart – MyHarto

Other Channel: YourHarto


Hannah puts up an episode of My Drunk Kitchen most weeks in which she liquors herself up and then attempts to do what every drunkard wants to do… make some tasty food (with cheese as often as possible). One of my other favorite elements of MDK is the puns.  Oh the puns this girl can create.  Other stuff you’ll find on her channel includes music videos, Advice From the Hart, Hello Harto Tour, and Adultulescence/How To videos. 

Hannah is also awesome enough to be going on tour to travel the country, get drunk, cook in some of her fans’ kitchens, AND get a bunch of people to come out for community service with her at each stop on her Hello Harto Tour.  Who doesn’t love a bit of civic duty helping your neighbor while boozing it up?  To kick this off, she set up an online fundraiser thingy to raise money and gave herself a month to raise $50,000.  $50,000 was raised in six hours.  Six freaking hours.  She was able to raise enough money in the thirty days to conquer the rest of the world for the rest of the year.  Clearly the rest of the Internet loves her as much as I do.

Grace Helbig – DailyGrace

Other Channel: graciehinabox

daily grace

Grace puts up daily vlogs Monday through Friday.  So that her videos aren’t  crappy footage of her going to Starbucks and doing her grocery shopping, she’s given each day of the week a theme:

Monday: Miscellaneous

Tuesday: Commenting on Comments from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

Wednesday: Reviewing stuff on a GraceFace scale

Thursday: How-To Tutorials

Friday: Reserved for all things sexy

Awesome videos to expect from Grace include rants with Mitchell Davis, childhood/family tales with her brother and her mom, lots of  Bailey’s and other various booze references, drinking, and delicious looking comfort food.

Jenna Mourey – JennaMarbles

Other Channel: JennaMarblesVlog

Jenna Marbles and dogs

Jenna’s first viral video was called How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking which I think represents the types of videos you should expect to see from her.  Jenna has absolutely no qualms about making fun of herself, pointing out cultural flaws in both genders, and turning her sex appeal into the joke.  Basically, Jenna puts everyone’s inner monologue into a video each week.  You should also expect celebrity guest appearances in her videos.  She has two adorable dogs that you can guarantee on making an appearance (often from inside her shirt).

If you’ve heard of any of these people, it’s probably going to be Jenna.  She is the most subscribed to female YouTuber with almost 1.1 billion subscribers and 8.5 billion views.  That’s a lot of people watching a drunk makeup tutorial.

WARNING: Should you decide to watch her videos at work (you know, on your lunch hour and not while you’ve muted yourself on a conference call), turn the volume down a bit because she does a lot of yelling.  She especially loves to yell any curse words and body parts you have no desire to discuss with your boss.

Mamrie Hart – YouDeserveADrink

What Mamrie does best is show you how to make a delicious boozy beverage for every holiday, pop culture happening, and video release from your favorite YouTuber.  Although there’s no relation between her and Hannah Hart, you should also expect plenty of puns from Mamrie.  Mamrie’s puns come with a lot of eye crossing and lady part references, though.


Mamrie and Grace Helbig also do this thing where they live stream themselves watching a movie from Netflix which someone at home can watch along with them.  I’m not sure if I correctly explained the technicalities of that, but the important part is that they wear costumes that are themed with the movie (like wedding dresses when they watched The Wedding Planner).  And of course, they are normally drinking heavily during the movie as well.

Pascale – PascaleDeBom

Other Channel: FunSizePascale


Pascale is a little YouTube Dutch wonder.  She first started getting hits for her reaction videos to the YouTube series known as Becoming YouTube.  She’s hilarious, has impeccable taste in music (good to know boybands translate worldwide), has started telling some awkwardly hilarious celebrity encounters, and explains some of the best parts of living where she does.  I’m hoping, though, to one day find out about her lipsticks because I want all of them.

Check back tomorrow and we’ll have some notable gentlemen of YouTube, who generally cause  a lot of mayhem on the Internet from budding young ladies.


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