Smart ladies love YouTubers, part 2

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‘Tube Dudes (Every 14 Year Old Girl’s Dream)

The dudes of YouTube may drink a little less on camera than the girls from yesterday, but they  tend to provide plenty of sober entertainment.

Hank and John

The gentlemen of YouTube are what really draw in the young teenage girls.  It’s clear that a good head of hair and an accent will get you a long way as long as you make videos that let everyone know that you are awkwardly relatable.  Or you could be an adult with normal adult hair that tells teenagers it’s quite ok to be awkward as long as you be yourself.  Or you could just be relatable obsessive One Direction fan.

The most subscribed to dudes of YouTube are mostly American, but I find a lot of them to annoyingly fit the British stereotype of Americans – loud, obnoxious, and aggressive.  It seems like with the boybands lately, the Brits have been giving Americans a run for their money. 

Tyler Oakley – TylerOakley

Other Channel: ExtraTyler

Tyler is known for being possibly the biggest One Direction fan on YouTube.  He even refers to himself as a professional fangirl.  On his channel, Tyler shares some of the most bizarre stories about his life and is also a “collaboration station rhythm nation”.

Tyler Oakley has perfected the art of being an “Internet person”.  He and Taco Bell have one of the most special twitter relationships I’ve ever seen.  Cher follows him.  Lindsay Lohan showed up in a twitcam he was doing.  Ricky Martin came out because one of his videos.  But I don’t think One Direction have acknowledged him yet, despite his subtle demonstration of admiration.  I also constantly see this gif of him eating Cool Ranch Doritos on Tumblr.

Tyler Oakley Doritos

John & Hank Green – VlogBrothers

Other Channels: (Go get a snack because this is a long list.)  John and/or Hank also host, created, produce, and or are affiliated with Hankschannel, Hanksgames, SciShow, CrashCourse, LizzieBennett Diaries, Mental Floss, and VidThoughts.


John and Hank have been around YouTube for a very long time.  They are brothers, as their username suggests, who started their channel as means of textless communication while living in two separate parts of the US.  They are both incredibly charming, witty, incredibly intelligent, and really good at Internet research.  Most importantly, John and Hank can both explain things like why North Korea hates America, why the Kardashians are famous, and why adulthood sucks  in a manner that makes you feel like you weren’t alone in not understanding how the world works.  They also offended Amanda Bynes in 2010 and asked Obama to get rid of pennies in 2013.  A selection of additional reasons they are awesome:

  • Their viewers dubbed themselves nerdfighters and even have their own Star Wars-related gang sign.  They also tell their viewers to “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome”.  (Or DFTBA if you’re in a hurry.)
  • John’s wife, who does not appear on camera, is referred to as the Yeti.
  • Project For Awesome
  • They punish each other for videos over four minutes
  • Hank started DFTBA Records
  • John writes bestselling novels

Dan Howell & Phil Lester

These are two separate YouTubers, but I think to best understand the havoc they wreak, they need to be discussed together first.  While they are two separate vloggers (aside from their collaboration channel where they sit in bathtub in the dark together), they often appear in each other’s videos.  Often, anything that they do that isn’t their regular YouTube channels, they both get asked to do it together.  Their Internet following has given them the opportunity to creep out cabaret dancers, make 1D make animal noises, and create Christmas-themed Lego towers with McFly.

Dan and Phil

Their friendship started over YouTube and eventually met after it became safe to meet Internet people in real life.  Dan and Phil became bosom buddies, roommates, video collaborators, and now DJ a show together each week on BBC Radio 1 together in which they show homemade videos on their live Internet broadcast.  (They, themselves, made this impressive Muse video to add to the collection.)

Dan and Phil are treated like a boyband by their preteen fangirls.  Dan and Phil lovers consider themselves part of the “Phandom” (Phil + Dan + Fandom.  I know… I know…).  Just to prove how much these swooped-hair fellas with an accent are loved I have linked to the fanfiction tag of them on Tumblr.  I can’t really bear to read any of it, but I’m pretty sure I should be disturbed by the number of young teenagers writing about the sex they fantasize the two of them having together(despite Dan and Phil’s love for ,respectively, Jennifer Lawrence and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) 

Dan Howell – danisnotonfire

Other Channel: danisnotinteresting


Dan’s videos are mostly about how he fails at life, his existential crisis, and how much time he spends on the Internet.  The poor kid is also too sarcastic for his own good as he often has to explain that he was just trying to make a joke on the Internet without the use of an ironic emoticon.  Last year, Dan demolished his competitors (including DailyGrace and TylerOakley) in this singing subscriber YouTube competition thingy.  Another accomplishment that I’m sure Dan is proud to list on his resume is being voted #1 in Sugarscape’s (a popular UK teen gossip site where I get all of my British boyband news) Hottest Lad of 2012.  After discovering his victory, he immediately accused his followers of trolling the competition.  Despite being the hottest lad in the UK, the old Southern lady in me wants to constantly tell Dan to pull his skinny jeans up over his ass and to stop wearing white tennis shoes with black pants.

Phil Lester – Amazing Phil

Other Channel: LessAmazingPhil


Phil is a YouTuber that will make you think you weren’t nearly as weird as child as you thought because of the stories he has to tell.  He has videos simply about weird things he did as a kid, his teenage MSN chat logs (I’m so glad I have no remnants of my AIM conversations), q & a videos with Dan, and incredibly awkward life experiences.  Phil is also kind enough to feature fanart in each of his videos in a segment known as “Draw Phil Naked”.

Like any good boyband member that has been around long enough, (actually, quite a few years in Phil’s case) the length of Phil’s hair can help you determine the era of each of his videos.  He has gone from shoulder-skimming locks to finally showing his ears in recent months.  His ginger roots will likely forever be masked by black hair dye, though.

Tom Fletcher – tommcflytwitter

Yes, the Tom Fletcher of McFly and awesome cat video fame.  I’ll do (just about) anything to work a McFly reference in.  Most videos of Tom on the Internet are of him and the rest of his McFly bandmates but he is kind enough to vlog some of his adventures, film his cute cats, do cover songs, and sing little duets with his adorable wife.  Tom also uploaded the “speech” he gave at his own wedding last year which has almost ten million views.  To be fair, the speech is rather clever, touching, and will likely never be outdone by another groom.  It should also be mentioned here that Tom’s younger sister, Carrie, is a very popular UK YouTuber who uploads  music and vlogs.  There is probably no one more endearing, sweeter, or more polite than her in all of England, either.


Tom Fletcher and his adorable wife Giovanna. I want a NERD t-shirt! I also want a library and to own a home. -K