February 4, 2016
by katie

Smart ladies love movies, the 20 films we would have seen at Sundance 2016

Sundance 2016 This years Sundance Film Festival was the 21st – 31st of January and here are our the 20 films we would have seen at Sundance and are excited about for 2016. [NOTE: All quoted film descriptions are from the Sundance Program. Movies … Continue reading

September 20, 2015
by katie
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Smart ladies love dumb TV, the 2015 Emmy Awards LIVE!

It’s seems like such a long time since we had an award show we could live blog and classy red carpet fashion we could sink our teeth into. Let’s all sit back, eat popcorn, let Andy Samberg amuse us, AND … Continue reading

June 26, 2014
by melissa

Smart ladies love lists, our favorite hot dads

While I was watching The Fault in Our Stars the other night (I had to! For Laura Dern!) I noticed that while the girls were swooning over Augustus Waters, I was staring at Sam Trammell, cast as Hazel’s dad. I’ve … Continue reading